How Counseling could Help Pedro & Chantelle


The latest season of “Family Chantelle” shows Pedro Jimeno and Chantelle Everett on their way to divorce, and it’s unclear why the former couple didn’t think about family counseling. This topic was suggested first by Chantelle’s family, and then by Pedro’s boss, after Chantelle became disillusioned with Pedro in front of his colleagues and friends. As allegations of domestic violence and restraining orders have surfaced, it seems that Pedro and Chantelle’s relationship has always been doomed. Unfortunately, the couple did not seek counseling when she could still help.

Pedro and Chantelle began their love story with a long-distance relationship, Pedro lived in the Dominican Republic, and Chantelle was in Atlanta. The former stars of “The 90-day Groom” had enough chemistry and family drama to spark the spin-off “Family Chantelle.” While love was obvious early on, Season 4 was full of intense confrontations. Pedro focused on his promising career in real estate, and Chantelle was tired of a 12-hour day as a nurse. Chantelle only works three days a week, so Pedro didn’t particularly sympathize with her grueling working days, since she also spends a lot of time at home. Meanwhile, Chantelle was jealous that Pedro was spending extra hours at work with his colleagues.

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In episode 8, Pedro’s boss Laura said she appreciated Pedro’s apology for blowing up Chantelle the day before, and shared that she wanted only the best for them. She also asked the couple if they were open to counseling. Pedro waved the question away, still embarrassed that Chantelle had flaunted their dirty laundry. When he came home, he asked Chantelle how her day had been, and she said it was bad and apologized for sharing her affairs with his colleagues. Chantelle explained, “We don’t talk at home, like it’s unusual. When I get a chance to talk to you about something and I think you’re going to listen, it all just pours out.” He tried to listen, but Pedro confirmed that separation was probably one of the most sensible things they could have done, adding, “Things didn’t seem to be going very well.”

Chantelle said: “You have the right to do what you think is best. I don’t want that. I won’t even lie. I feel pathetic.” She felt that she was begging for attention and affection, and, of course, hoped for better results. It was a moment to offer therapy, but both seemed to be too proud. It’s hard not to want to jump into the scene, prompting the couple to talk to a third party who could help them solve their problems. On the other hand, perhaps they were ready to try counseling, but without cameras. Pedro got angry because Chantelle caused more negative feelings than constructive solutions. He said: “What do you want for you and for me. Fighting here every day under the house?”

If Chantelle and Pedro had had the opportunity to consult, their marriage could have taken a different path. To be fair, Chantelle seemed to be able to be open to it, while Pedro seemed to be completely shut down. Feeling alienated from his family, rejected by his father and disappointed with Chantelle for not supporting his new career, he got the better of Pedro. Although Chantelle wants everything to work, she is not ready to take full responsibility for her role in their problems. On the other hand, Pedro doesn’t even give her the time and space to try. It’s easy to understand why Pedro and Chantelle are both disappointed, and it’s just sad that each of them can’t clearly see the other person’s point of view. For longtime fans of The Family Chantel, it’s all pretty heartbreaking.


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