How Coronavirus ‘Kills’ the Brain Revealed


A new study by scientists from Yale University revealed how the coronavirus attacks the brain and slowly kills it.

Studies carried out so far have revealed that the coronavirus targets the lungs, kidneys, liver and blood vessels. Although there has been no concrete evidence to date that the coronavirus harms the brain, a new study conducted at Yale University revealed how the coronavirus attacks the brain.

According to the study, which has not been reviewed by experts at the moment, and therefore has not been published in an academic journal, the coronavirus infecting the brain may have fatal consequences for the patient. Because, unlike other viruses that infect the brain, coronavirus does not trigger the immune system and slowly kills the brain.

Documented that coronavirus can infect the brain

For the time being, it is not known how the coronavirus reaches the brain and what effect it has. However, the fact that some COVID-19 patients showed neurological symptoms such as headache, confusion, and delirium revealed that the coronavirus could infect the brain. According to scientists, the genetic inheritance or high viral susceptibility of the cases cause the coronavirus to infect the brain.

The study conducted under the leadership of immunologist Akiko Iwasaki from Yale University; He has documented that the brain can be infected by detecting viruses in the brain tissue of someone who died of COVID-19, in a mouse experiment, and in brain cell clusters (organoids) assembled in a laboratory to mimic the brain in three dimensions.

Coronavirus causes brain cells to die

According to the study, after the coronavirus infects the brain, it spreads to other brain cells and rapidly decreases the number of synapses that allow neurons to communicate with other brain cells. More importantly, the virus causes brain cells to die by preventing oxygen from reaching neighboring cells.

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