How Collectopaedia Maps Work in Xenoblade Chronicles 3


Collectible cards in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are quests that give players various non–player characters around the world. As players visit and interact with the people inhabiting Aionios, a Collectopedia map appears on the tasks tab. As players explore and collect the desired items or kill the requested enemies, they can complete the Collectopaedia Card task in exchange for various rewards.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the newest game in the franchise, available only on the Nintendo Switch. This is a JRPG that collects stories from the first two games. Players follow Noah and Mio, two visionaries from different countries on Ionios. Seers are soldiers who play songs for the recently departed, and for the residents of Aionios this is a necessary profession, because Aionios is at war. The central plot Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a battle between the peoples of Keves and Agnus.

As players progress through the story and interact with non-player characters, they will be given side quests. They are located in the menu in the “Tasks” section and are called Collectopaedia Cards. Collectopaedia cards do not disappear after completion, and players can fill them many times to continue earning rewards in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Collectible Cards and Rewards in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

What makes Collectopaedia Card cards unique compared to other games’ quests is that players don’t have to go back to the quest giver in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to get rewards. As soon as the players receive the Collectopaedia card, find it in the task menu. Collectopaedia maps are organized into different categories depending on the types of requests; players may need to find flowers, a tree, rare gems, food, or even kill enemies. As a rule, the requested item can be found in the same region as the NPC, so players do not need to look too far to complete the “Collectopaedia Card” quest.

Once players have collected enough of the requested item, they must return to the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 menu to register it via Collectopaedia Cards. Once the Collectopaedia map is cleared, players will receive a randomly generated set of rewards that will be listed on the map. Players can get any of the following:

Proximity: this is an indicator that strengthens the bonds between the members of the group and the characters in the world. Experience: Used to level up. Golden armor or weapons.

If players cannot find a specific item needed to fill the Collectopaedia map in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, they can spend Nopon coins to fill in the missing cells. Nopon coins can be found all over Aionios in shiny gold containers. Players should try to fill as much as possible Collectopedia cards to quickly increase the level of Synthesis and Experience, important characteristics for success in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


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