How Chris Pratt’s Zero Dark Thirty Experience Inspired Him to Develop a List of Terminals


While the world mostly knows him as either the Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy or Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation, one of the other past experiences on Chris Pratt’s resume best prepared him for his new Amazon Prime show called Terminal List. Playing a navy seal in the film directed by Catherine Bigelow “Goal number One”, Pratt not only felt the very type of role to which he will return in his latest project, but also made some really good friends. Friends, as it turned out, who would introduce him to the very world of the author’s own special operator Jack Carr.

As a result of the press day for the Terminal List, I was able to talk to several actors and crew members who shared Chris Pratt’s respect for military professionals. Perhaps one of the most important people falling into this category is former Navy Seal Jared Shaw, who serves as a co-executive producer and co-starring in Pratt’s new series.

The actor first met the Show when he was following it to prepare for perhaps one of Chris Pratt’s best roles: SEAL Team Six member Justin Lenihan in Zero Dark Thirty. In the end, the two employees became friends, whose paths crossed again thanks to Jared Shaw’s stunt work in films such as Guardians of the Galaxy. 2, and even as a colleague in the Prime Video streaming hit “The War of Tomorrow.”

However, as CinemaBlend’s Chris Pratt said, this connection was much deeper when it came to the terminal list. In fact, Shaw was the man who introduced his friend and co-star to Jack Carr in the first part of the series about James Reese, as Pratt said:

I have an affinity to the seal community and to the SpecOps community. Having played a Navy seal in Zero Dark Thirty, and then getting close to the guy I accompanied in that, who is now an associate producer [Of The Terminal List], Jared Shaw, who plays Boozer… it was just the right thing to do. He had access to the book, I read the book, I liked this character, I liked the fact that it was filmed in California. In Southern California, not far from home. I knew he and I could do it together, and it was something. We were looking for a joint project. So we chose it, we brought it to Amazon, they were on board, and from there there was an opportunity to team up with my best friend to portray this noisy bad mother, it felt like a victory.

If you love the book so much, and you are the same person as Chris Pratt, who can conclude a production contract in the work, it is obvious that it is not difficult to bring the “List of Terminals” to television. Inviting Jared Shaw on a trip was also not difficult, since the character of Ernest “Boozer” Vickers is to some extent conscientious of James Rice during his journey. Friends and colleagues of embodying the realism of “Seals” on the screen before, this collaboration brought another attempt, which, according to Pratt, cut Hollywood nonsense out of its creation.

Speaking further about his experience, the “Jurassic World” star saw in the “Final List” a challenge he had never taken on, but always wanted to. Getting the rights to the book and then accompanying it through the production process showed how excited Chris Pratt was to start this. Although, believe me, when I tell you, the fact that he calls James Rees a “bully bad mother” is too frivolous about his excitement.

When searching for a copy of Jack Carr’s novel “Terminal List” for sale on Amazon, you will find a real quote from the executive producer/star of the series, which goes a little further in the promotion of the character. As you will read for yourself, Pratt did not scold profanity, giving this enthusiastic recommendation:

Take my word for it, James Rees is a bully bastard. Get ready!

This bullying is mitigated by vulnerability, as James Rees’ efforts to investigate a potential dark conspiracy also result in him encountering the ghosts of the past. The list of terminals begins with a terrible mission failure, as a result of which Rhys loses his team in the field. When he begins to examine the circumstances surrounding the differences in his description of events and the official report, what he discovers can be quite overwhelming.

Embodying his affection for Navy SEALS, as well as working with some of them to create the show, Chris Pratt’s friendship with Jared Shaw was the key to making the “Terminal List” happen at all. Now that the first season has debuted, there are four more books that can inspire subsequent seasons; the most, named In Blood, was published in May.