How “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago Police,” and “Chicago Med” Will Return to NBC After a Hiatus


Three One Chicago shows in the fall season are going as well as ever, even though they all say goodbye to the main character in the first few episodes. Unfortunately for fans, Fire, PD and Med are taking a short break from releasing new episodes and reruns on October 26. The good news is that the break won’t last too long, and all signs point to some exciting episodes. when One Chicago returns in November.

Chicago Fire Season 11, Chicago Police Season 10 and season 8 of “Chicago Medics” will return on Wednesday, November 2, so the popular NBC dramas are gone for just a week. Read on to find out what the network has released about the episodes that will bring back the action at the beginning of the month!

Chicago Med – “Mom said there would be days like this”

All the doctors of Chicago Medics survived the fiery cliffhanger of the end of season 7, but faced a new problem: a shortage of supplies. Goodwin had to make some difficult decisions about how they use the limited resources they have, and doctors had to be creative (and even break some laws, in the case of Will and Vanessa) to treat their patients. In the next episode on November 2, Crockett will obviously still be dealing with the consequences of Jack Dayton paying attention to him, as a preview of the NBC description:

Crockett adjusts to his newfound fame when he helps Will treat the owner of a local restaurant. Ethan, Charles and Goodwin help a young mother who is worried about not hurting her child. Maggie and Vanessa encounter a patient who wants to get back to work.

It should be interesting to see how Ethan handles his case of the week, given that the most recent episode showed how much he has changed over the years, which April certainly noted. In addition, Brian Tee will leave the series in December, so there is a countdown of episodes to his farewell. “Mom Said There would Be Days like This” will air on Wednesday, November 2, at 8:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

Chicago Fire – “Total Mystery”

“Chicago Firefighters” will return in the wake of a dizzying Halloween episode (which may have forced Gallo to reveal his secret, whether he likes it or not), and it looks like “Everyone’s Secret” will be less creepy, but sufficient. still eventful, possibly including Severide (and Stella) playing a fire cop again. NBC episode Description shows:

Severide and Kidd are investigating an explosion in a jewelry store. Cruz and Chloe are taking steps to make Javi a permanent member of their family. Gallo, Ritter and Muche are trying to get close to Carver.

Cruz and Chloe, working to make Javi a permanent member of the family, should be a touching part of the “Universal Mystery” (assuming they succeed) after they all get together in season 10, and Carver may need some of that. communicating with other firefighters in light of the tension between him and Stella. New episodes will be aired on November 2 at 21:00. ET!

Chicago Police – “Sympathetic Reflex”

Chicago Police in the last episode (available for streaming by subscription to Peacock), there was an exposure when Upton realized that Chief O’Neill’s son could be a killer who has been getting away with his crime for years, but attention shifts to Atwater in a “Sympathetic Reflex”. Although he was the intelligence officer who remains the closest to the straight and narrow, it seems that in the new episodes he will be accused of the opposite. NBC Preview:

Atwater’s reaction during a tense arrest is being questioned. The team must investigate to find key clues that can help in the ongoing investigation and clear Atwater’s name.

Maybe Atwater will stop someday! Or maybe become a detective, which actor Larose Hawkins was hoping for. It’s nice to know that the team will obviously have his back, and judging by some comments from new series regular Benjamin Levi Aguilar, there may be a few more moments ahead between Torres and Atwater. Tune in to NBC on Wednesday, November 2, at 22:00. ET to find out!

One Chicago: Why are Chicago Fire, Med, PD off NBC until January?

This week also featured three shows talking about the One Chicago TV universe that took a break, with reruns of FBI, FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International (and didn’t return for a few more weeks). However, three series of “Law and Order” will return after a break last week, so be sure to watch on Thursday!


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