How Chicago Fire can help Violet survive the consequences of an unexpected tragedy


There are spoilers ahead for the third episode of the 11th season of “Chicago Fire” called “Completely Destroyed”.

“Chicago Fire” managed to solve the big cliffhanger of the 10th season without killing anyone, but now the heroes of the long-running NBC show have suffered a tragedy. “Completely Destroyed” turned out to be a pretty appropriate title for this episode, as what seemed to be a fairly standard fire ended with the shocking death of none other than Chief Hawkins. He was crushed by the wreckage just when it seemed that everything would be fine… and right in front of Violet.

Honestly, maybe Chicago Fire fans should have expected something to go wrong when Violet and Hawkins’ relationship was going so well! Again, shows don’t usually kill off a key character after a few episodes of a season, and I expected such a tragic twist to happen either in the premiere or in the finale, so who could have predicted that this would happen for them? These two really loved each other and finally got a chance to have a real relationship without hiding, and emergency doctors are usually the only first aid characters who are not in danger on fire scenes.

Hanako Greensmith, who recently talked about why fans should support Violet and Hawkins’ relationship, completely trashed her performance when Violet realized that he was under crushing debris that fell from the building after the fire had already been mostly extinguished. , then desperately tried to do CPR, which everyone knew wouldn’t work just by looking at him. Boden had to pull her away from his body.

In general, it was an extremely unexpected tragedy, because of which Violet broke down by the time of the end credits, so how can anyone help her after this loss? Well, when co-showrunners Andrea Newman and Derek Haas spoke to CinemaBlend earlier in the fall, I asked what Violet and Brett’s relationship would look like in the future, and Newman shared:

To be honest, this partnership is one of our favorite things about the series, their friendship and how they work together. They will both go through a lot this season, even in the first episodes from the very beginning. They’re covering for each other. They couldn’t live without each other, I will say, especially in the first group of episodes. They will rely on each other during really scary and difficult things.

Brett was already going through hard times at the beginning of season 11 due to the strain of her long-distance relationship with Casey, and then due to grief after she officially announced their breakup. She still managed to maintain Violet’s relationship, and Violet baked her some (admittedly inedible) bread to apologize in case she was insensitive to her happiness. Hawkins’ death hits much harder than what each of them has dealt with before, but it looks like Brett will be a rock for her partner.

Andrea Newman said that the “first group of episodes” will be when they really need each other, and I would say that Violet’s loss of the person she loves more than qualifies as a “really scary and difficult thing.” Violet has someone who supports her unconditionally, and that’s the best I can think of in light of Hawkins’ death.

Learn about the aftermath of Hawkins’ death and how Violet is coping with her loss in the new episodes of Chicago Fire on Wednesdays at 21:00. ET on NBC in the schedule of TV premieres for 2022, between Chicago Med at 20:00 and 20:00. and Chicago Police at 22:00 You also You can stream new episodes of Fire the next day with a Peacock subscription. Severide played a firefighter cop again this week as his CPD storyline continues and Kidd got her own apartment, so there were a few highlights before this episode took a tragic turn.


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