How Chantelle’s Family’s Weight Loss in Winter Made Her Closer to Chantelle


Sisters Chantelle Jimeno and Winter Everett had some hostile relationships in the series “Family Chantelle”, although Winter’s weight loss journey seems to have brought her closer to her older sister. Chantelle and Winter have always loved each other, although there have been conflicts and sibling rivalries between them. However, Winter’s desire to lose weight led to the fact that she began to spend more time with Chantelle.

As the older sister in the Everett family, Chantelle was the center of attention. Although she was naturally slim since childhood, her younger sister Winter struggled with her weight. Then Chantelle became famous in the TV series “The 90-day groom” together with her current husband Pedro Jimeno. Winter expressed disappointment that her charming older sister was back in the spotlight. Since Chantelle has always been the star of the family, Winter used to seek solace with her partner Ja. However, now that Winter is single and losing weight, she often turns to Chantelle.

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The relationship between Chantelle and Winter seems stronger than ever in season 4 of The Family Chantelle. Chantelle became a kind, loving and mature sister to Winter, especially during her bariatric surgery. Chantelle and the sisters’ mother Karen Everett accompanied Winter to Mexico for surgery. It was shown that Chantelle, a registered nurse, loves and comforts Winter very much. Chantelle cradled Winter’s head during the IV and showered her younger sister with love and tenderness. Many viewers were touched to see how close Chantelle and Winter were. Chantelle also showed a more caring and mature side compared to her previously dramatic antics on TLC.

While Chantelle stood up for Winter during her weight loss surgery, the sisters also spend more time together. Chantelle and Winter, who live in Atlanta, often share information about joint workouts. The sisters like going to the gym to stay in shape, and it seems they have more in common since Winter started taking her weight loss expedition seriously. Meanwhile, Winter has also grown into herself and has gained self-confidence during this time. Instead of feeling like she was stuck in Chantelle’s shadow, Winter learned to celebrate herself and live her best life. It also helped bring Winter and Chantelle closer together.

Overall, many aspects of Winter’s weight loss seem to have had a positive effect on the two sisters, as seen so far in season 4 of “Family Singer.” However, there is another reason why they can spend more time together. Chantelle was training with her husband Pedro. Now that their marriage seems to be in bad shape and may even have ended, she has more time for Winter. Meanwhile, Winter has broken up with her controlling partner Jah and seems to be spending more time with her family. Thus, problems in the relationship, apparently, also led to the fact that the sisters of The Family Chantel began to spend more time with the family.