How Chantelle Winter’s Family Won Fans Before the Dramatic Weight Loss


Winter Everett from the Family Chantelle is in a new space and a slimmer body these days, but her fans have always supported her, regardless of her size. Winter is a necessary background for Chantelle Jimeno. Both sisters are smart, confident, beautiful women, but Winter remains down-to-earth, while Chantelle sometimes lets her ego get in the way. When it comes to any of her family dramas, Winter knows how to stay on track and she provides support when she can. Although her path to health has been the theme of the show for some time, Winter’s beauty and charisma have long captivated her audience.

Similarly, Winter excels at setting boundaries when it comes to her relationships. Many viewers were rooting for Winter from The Family Chantel to leave her longtime partner Jah, who seemed to take Winter for granted. Chantelle and Winter often clashed on this topic, and Winter revealed that she was never as close to Chantelle as she could have been, after always being compared to her when she was growing up. At first, Winter defended her relationship with Ja. So it wasn’t easy to leave after spending so much time and love on Jah and his daughter. However, everything changed after Winter found out that Jah has another child, which he never told her about. After his sexist demand that Winter obey him as his future wife, this was the last straw. Winter broke off his relationship with Ja, and the fans liked to see it.

Season 4 of “Family Chantelle” begins with Winter deciding to have bariatric surgery after struggling with weight loss throughout her life. After receiving a sensation from TikTok’s “Barbie for Weight Loss”, Winter, Chantelle and Karen Everett flew to Tijuana, Mexico, so that Winter could undergo surgery at a lower price. Chantelle and Karen had their concerns, but they wanted to support Winter’s choice to do what was right for her. Chantelle, a registered nurse, eventually gave her approval to a group of doctors who supported Winter. While Winter’s weight loss journey got her more attention in the press, Winter was a rising star long before she changed her body. Winter felt free to do whatever she wanted with her body. Fans have always respected her sense of free will and considered her a natural beauty.

Now that the celebration of breaking up with Jah has settled down on Twitter, it’s all about Winter. She and Chantelle are dancing in grocery stores, creating a buzz around her next novel. Winter said: “My cookies have been under lock and key for several years, and I am ready to share them only with those who deserve it.” It means owning her heart, soul and body and getting back on the dating scene. Winter met a man named Masoma from Nigeria after connecting to the Internet. He seemed nice enough, but she eventually ended the relationship when he asked for financial support. Fans want Winter to thrive with a man who adores her by her side.

Next week, Winter will be climbing on a date with her friend Chris. She said their energy is strong and longtime fans are ready to see her in the spotlight as a romantic hero. However, Winter never needed a man or a new body to be the heart and soul of The Family Chantel.


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