How Can Your WhatsApp Account Be Stolen With An SMS?


WhatsApp: It all starts first by receiving an SMS message from WhatsApp technical support – or so they say – to let you know that your phone number, the one you have linked to your WhatsApp account, has been registered in a new account.

WhatsApp wants to know if the person they are addressing is the owner of the account, and that is why they ask you to forward them a six-digit security code that they will receive via SMS. The problem is that if you send that code, the person on the other side of the conversation can steal your WhatsApp account and take over your number, your contacts and your chats. It is not WhatsApp technical support, it is a cybercriminal using a scam that began to be used massively last year.

Steal your WhatsApp account with an SMS

The thing works like this:

A cybercriminal steals the WhatsApp account of a contact of yours from the app, gaining access to their contact list. Now he decides to go for them, you included.
To achieve this, the guy installs WhatsApp on a device he owns and enters your phone number to associate it with the application.
The WhatsApp system sends to that number that the hacker tries to register (your number) the verification code that he needs for security reasons, to verify that it is the correct user and finish the installation of the app
The hacker knows that you have just received an SMS with a 6-digit code, and using the number that he has taken from one of your contacts, he impersonates the technical service to ask you to please pass it on.
If you do, the cybercriminal will be able to complete the registration of your WhatsApp account on his device, and at that moment he will remove your access to it, having access to your contacts and groups.
In case this message reaches you, delete it immediately and notify your contact to tell him what happens to his account – but not by calling him on his mobile, but at another number. You can also do like this Twitter account and troll the hacker that well.


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