How can you prevent WhatsApp from seeing your status?


Present in the app from the beginning, the Status section has always allowed us to express to all the contacts how we felt or where we were, whether it was available to talk, busy, at the cinema, with low battery, in the middle of a meeting, etc. .

A function whose renewal to a more visual and current style in 2017 made it a kind of Instagram Stories in which to tell our own stories by uploading photos, videos or GIFs.

Prevent a contact from seeing your WhatsApp statuses

But as a good social network function, WhatsApp Status also gives us control to do something else: decide who can see them and who cannot see what we upload. And you can decide that such contact see your status and such another not, and all without having to block or anything, simply choosing. So you can leave someone out of seeing your statuses:

1- Touch States.
2- If you are on Android: Touch More options> Status privacy.
3- If you are on iPhone: Press Privacy.
4- In the new section you will have three options to choose from:

My contacts: All contacts will be able to see your status updates.
My contacts, except …: All your contacts will be able to see your status updates, except those you select.
Only share with…: Only contacts you select can see your status updates.
5- If you choose the latter, a list will appear in which to mark who you do not want to see your status


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