How can you improve your day with the help of mantras?


If you want to start your day in the best way or you are going through an unfavorable moment, use mantras to fill yourself with positive energy

Each person has the power in their own mind to start the day on the right foot or to overcome a losing streak and only needs the urge to do so, philosophies such as Hinduism and Buddhism indicate. These philosophical systems are based on the famous mantras, words or phrases that, according to these beliefs, have incredible spiritual power.

Repeating them throughout the day will help us to manifest what we want in life and focus on the present, in such a way that we tune our energy with that of the Universe to attract what we want.

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We can recite them out loud or in the mind during a meditation that lasts no more than 3 minutes and the positive energy that they will give us will be enough for the light to shine on our path. Based on an article by Harmonia, a site specialized in wellness and balance, we list some mantras that you can recite throughout the day:

  • “I will release the things that are out of my control.”
  • “There are blessings hidden everywhere; I will find them ”.
  • “I am whole, I am creative and I am capable of change.”
  • “I focus on what I feel, not what I want to achieve.”
  • “I honor my spirit and trust my vibrations.”
  • “I am enough, I have enough, and I do enough. I accept myself and my life completely in this moment. “
  • “With change comes opportunity.”
  • “Today, accept what is rather than resent what is not.”
  • “I am grateful for everything I have.”
  • “Breathe joy and strength, breathe wisdom and peace.”
  • “I am stronger than my excuses.”
  • “Progress is more important than perfection.”

According to Buddhism, mantras protect the mind from certain patterns that subdue it and fill it with negativity. Part of its power is in the constant repetition of them so that the mind believes what we say.


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