How can you create your own QR code?


The pandemic has made businesses rethink their security measures. The hospitality industry is one of the sectors most affected and they have not only adapted to current measures with schedules, but also with the way of promoting their products. This is where the QR code comes in, an element that any mobile phone can read to reveal the information it contains. If you want to know how to generate yours, we are going to tell you how to create your own QR code.

What is and what is a QR code for?

To begin with, the acronyms of QR codes are the key to their use. In English they respond to the words ‘Quick Response’ or rapid response. It can be simply described as an Internet link in physical form, printed in a language that a machine can read. For this to work you need an application on your smartphone that is capable of reading these graphics. Google Lens is one of them, although if you have the Google app you can use it without downloading it and save space.

We have already told you its role in the previous definition: it serves as a link to the Internet. In this way, it is easy to place a QR code that sends you directly to a web page that you can see in your browser. Furthermore, in recent years messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Messenger have integrated this tool to share contacts between users who are physically close, which greatly speeds up the process.

How to create your QR code

Now that you know what it is, we will tell you how to generate your QR code. The good thing about this is that you can do it for free if you visit any of the pages that we are going to present below. The first one is, a very versatile tool with several ways to customize your own code. The first of all is that you can upload anything, be it an ID card, a Twitter account, a PDF file, an app… including links to a web page. The code is generated automatically and then you can frame the code, your logo or change the shape and color. Then, you just have to download it in the format you want, be it JPG or vector.

The other website that you can also use is, which also lets you customize the colors that the code will carry, the internal images and the external design of the code. As a last recommendation we have The QR Generator, which is much easier to use and where you will have your QR code instantly. Of course, the customization capabilities are more limited, so the subsequent design will be your responsibility.


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