How can we watch Netflix videos without being stuck?


With the widespread use of the internet in recent years, the serial and film industries have also started to grow. Thus, in addition to TV channels, serial and movie broadcasting platforms started to increase. Among them, there are many options such as Netflix, Disney +, HBO and Amazon Prime, which entered our country in recent months. With the increase in the number of users, the load on the servers also increases. So why not freeze and stutter? Netflix announced that it achieved this with its filter called Zuul.

Especially in the quarantine process that came with the spread of the coronavirus, the density increased all over the world.

Netflix prevents hesitation with Zuul filter

Stability is very important for platforms that broadcast on the Internet. No user wants to watch TV shows or movies on a platform that freezes and crashes all the time. For this reason, increasing traffic congestion can be a problem for broadcast services from time to time. Earlier this year, Netflix implemented a filter that allows the server to heal itself in the background when problems occur, and dynamically handle real-time server requests, prioritizing uploads.

In an article published by Netflix engineers on Monday, he made a statement for the Zuul filter, which was developed to ensure that the viewing experience of users is as seamless as possible. At the end of 2019, there were some interruptions as a result of overloading the servers. However, thanks to the Zuul filter, unnecessary server requests can be dropped in real time.

Briefly, the Zuul filter categorizes the features the user needs to watch videos according to their priority. These categories fall into three categories: non-critical, critical, and reduced experience. Non-critical items include registry entries and background requests. These elements make up a large part of the system efficiency, according to engineers. However, these items can be ignored when the server reaches a certain load threshold.

The Zuul filter, developed by Netflix, is of course also supported by artificial intelligence. Low experience elements are items that are not required for content to play but improve the user experience. Features such as stop icons, language option in the player and viewing history are cited as features that can be ignored when issues arise in the background. Moreover, users do not even notice that these items are disabled during monitoring.

Netflix sunucu algoritması

The critical part is for the traffic that affects the users’ content playback experience. If this traffic increases excessively, you may encounter a server error when you try to play a movie or TV show. The Zuul filter scores all these items between 1 and 100. Items can be disabled or activated according to priority.

After the Zuul filter was successfully activated, no problem similar to the one experienced in 2019 was encountered. According to engineers’ statements, users can watch their favorite programs without interruption, while the server infrastructure saves itself from a malfunction.


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