How can there still be inhumans in the MCU after the final turn of “Miss Marvel”

The director of “Miss Marvel” Adil El Arbi believes that it is still possible to have inhumans and comic Kamala Khan in the MCU after the unexpected disclosure of the finale. Half of the directing duo who will also be working on “Batgirl,” El Arbi and his creative partner Bilal Fallah led the directing team of “Miss Marvel” and were responsible for giving the series much of its unique and energetic visual style. Based on the comic character of the same name, Miss Marvel was the second MCU-related television series to focus on a previously unrepresented character, and in the process made several changes to its main character.
In the original comics, Kamala activated her non-human sleeping abilities when she encountered the Terrigen Mists one night while sneaking out to attend a school party. While in the recent TV series Kamala can summon and control cosmic energy and create constructions from hard light, in her comics she has body transformation abilities that allow her to lengthen parts of her body as well as change shape. However, perhaps the most surprising change in her character occurred in the final moments of the series finale, which hinted that Kamala’s version in the MCU is his first official mutant (not counting Professor Xavier’s appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness).
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This particular discovery caused a shock throughout the Marvel fandom and continues to be the subject of heated debate on the Internet. More recently, El Arbi spoke with The Direct and weighed in on the controversial decision not to make Kamala a non-human and suggested there could still be room for a more comical iteration of the character. Saying that “everything is possible these days” thanks to the concept of the multiverse, he hinted that fans can still meet a version of Kamala with “exactly the same set of powers as in the comics.” Check out his full comments below:
Well, you know, the thing is that what is happening with the Multiverse now, anything is possible these days. There are so many different parallel worlds and timelines where… maybe there is a world in which Kamala Khan is a non—human, and there she has exactly the same set of abilities as in the comics, we just don’t know. That’s the only thing we can tell the fans, but I would say the possibilities are endless now.
Of course, Kamala Khan is not the only Marvel character who has undergone significant changes when appearing in the Marvel cinematic universe. From the Taskmaster from Black Widow to Ant-Man and the Wasp Ghost, the creative minds behind the MCU have certainly not been shy about moving away from traditional comic character portrayals over the years. What makes Kamala’s own changes so significant is the implications they have for the entire MCU in the future. While El Arbi is right to suggest that future possibilities are “limitless,” this explanation probably does little to assuage the fears of fans who want to see the MCU properly embrace mutants and X-Men. It also leaves the question of how the inhumans on Earth-616 will be treated after their own less-than-successful TV debut.
Ever since Disney completed the Fox Studios merger in 2019 and the X-Men rights reverted to Marvel Studios, fans have been looking forward to seeing how mutants will be introduced to the MCU. Appetites increased when Stewart appeared in a cameo role in the sequel to Doctor Strange, and now that Ms. Marvel directly refers to mutants, the foundation is being laid for their proper appearance on Earth-616. Exactly how this will happen remains unknown at this stage and is the source of many assumptions. As for Kamala’s own mutant version of the MCU, she is going to appear next time in “Miracles”, which is due to be released next year.