How can the Pfizer vaccine reach us in March?


More than developing an effective immunizer against the new coronavirus in record time, pharmaceutical companies will face another challenge as big as this: the distribution of substances. It is no different with the Pfizer vaccine, whose test data recently indicated that it worked for 90% of the volunteers. After all, how to transport something that, in order to remain healthy, needs to be kept at a temperature similar to that of the South Pole on a winter day, minus 70 ° C?

Carlos Murillo, president of the company responsible for the formula, during a virtual event held last Thursday (12) at the National Academy of Medicine, explained that, in order to enable the vaccine to reach different parts of the world, boxes that work as refrigerators and worth of dry ice are being produced by the company.

Holding up to five trays, these devices are capable of holding up to 195 bottles. In addition, the approximately 100,000 containers expected by November will be equipped with temperature sensors and GPS.

For hotter places, like Brazil, the executive says that the use of a special packaging, which also contains dry ice, is in the giant’s plans, maintaining the necessary temperature for up to 15 days.

After thawing, vaccines will remain stable for another five days in regular refrigerators. Murillo reinforces the idea that, once they arrive in the country, they must be applied in 20 days.

Before that, of course, it is necessary that they be authorized and land here – and a series of bureaucratic obstacles and priorities, then, stand in the way between the vaccine and the population.

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