How can the fiber optic connection change your life?


Those who started using the internet in the 1990s must remember the thrill of the noise of the dial-up internet being activated at midnight on a Friday to enter into chats and the like. It just wasn’t as fun to wait for downloads, as the connections were a bit slow. Fortunately, technology has evolved and is evolving more and more – and optical fiber is one of the great achievements of “navigators”, providing high speeds to all devices connected to it.

Nowadays, it is difficult to find any place that does not have powerful broadband for users. Here in Brazil, for example, fixed and mobile services, according to a survey by the IBGE, have already reached approximately three quarters (74.7%) of the Brazilian population aged 10 or over (181.9 million people), which demands more and more research so that they become faster and more effective.

Oi is one of the companies dedicated to this constant implementation of solutions, being one of those responsible for the market revolution with 100% fiber internet.

One of the great advantages of this type of connection is that its cables are formed by nothing more than fiberglass, which transmits information by flashes of light, not by electricity – ensuring greater stability and less interference.

If you are wondering how, in fact, it changes your life, we will tell you.

Technology for the user

In the past, over a dial-up network, in addition to taking up your phone line, the time to download a song was at least one hour, since the maximum speed reached was 30 megabytes. With optical fiber, on the other hand, it is possible to reach up to 1 gigabyte, and files of this type are downloaded in a snap.

Games are another example. At that time, there were only so-called text-based, nowhere near the graphics found today. Video playback sites, then, were scarce, in addition to requiring a long wait for loading before the content was played so that it didn’t crash in the middle of playback. Chats, in turn, took place without photos or audio.

Therefore, when choosing your operator, take into account everything that it can offer for your connection. Oi remains at the top of the list with the highest internet speed in the country, taking fiber into your home and guaranteeing the internet of the future with affordable prices – which, fortunately, is already in our present. No more waiting. The speed you need is already at your fingertips.


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