How can I watch the same content at home on Disney +?


The pandemic has alienated us, it has locked us at home. But technology has been virtually ‘hanging out’ with family and friends since March. And to contribute to this, Disney has brought to Spain a function that helps precisely that, to view content from its catalog with family or friends but without having to be in the same house. This is the GroupWatch virtual meeting,

Disney + GroupWatch

Previously available in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada, Disney launches the GroupWatch function for Disney + in several countries in Europe, including the Spanish market. What is GroupWatch? It is “a function that allows you to watch any title on Disney + with your family and friends virtually through the application.”

For this, GroupWatch “will synchronize your reproductions so that you can easily see them at the same time, even if you are in different places.”

Join a Disney + GroupWatch

Think of it as a kind of virtual cinema in which up to 7 people, including the host and 4 different profiles from the same Disney + account, can join to watch a series or movie – that is, for now “children’s profiles cannot participate in a GroupWatch ”.

To invite other people with a subscription to a GroupWatch from the phone or from the web browser, you must select the icon that shows several people gathered, which will appear next to the Play button and next to others such as the Download button.

Then you have to click on ‘Invite’ to get a link of the invitation and share it. In addition, GroupWatch allows participants to send reactions from the application, which will appear on the screens of other users.

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GroupWatch Compatible Devices

Even if there is a host, anyone in the GroupWatch can control the display: Participants can pause, play, fast forward, or rewind content for the entire group. And you can always see who is controlling the experience.

The feature, which is now available, is compatible with the vast majority of Disney + compatible devices, except for the PlayStation 4, some Roku models, and some Amazon Fire TV models.


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