How Billie Eilish Feels Xxxtentacion Has “Biggest Influence” On Her


“The moonlight is not visible. And all my love will never be able to bring you home,” Billie Eilish sang in a voice that could be called angelic. The video in which Billy Ailish pays tribute to the late Jase Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, better known as XXXTENTACION, was posted by the rapper’s mother on the second anniversary of his death. He was known for his alien-themed style and was widely popular among young people for his sad lyrics.

The artist who really identified with XXXTENTACION and his musical style was Eilish, who achieved unprecedented popularity with Ocean Eyes in 2017. And the talented rapper met his unfortunate demise in June 2018. An eternal rapper, she has developed a connection that will support her throughout her life.

Billie Eilish told how much XXXTENTACION means to her

The artist, a seven-time Grammy Award winner, has expressed her love for the late rapper countless times. Eilish felt a deep connection with him, as she said in an interview with MONTREALITY. A huge reason for this may also be the fact that many studios rejected Billie Eilish because they said that her music is “sad and depressing”, and this is a musical genre in which XXXTENTACION rules.

“I feel that he has the biggest influence on me. More than anyone else,” Eilish said of the rapper. In addition, it was the first time that the Bad Guys vocalist spoke publicly about his tragic death.

Apart from his music, of which Eilish has always been a fan, she was deeply affected by his death. The awareness became even deeper when she was criticized for paying tribute to her friend who had just passed away.


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