How Big YouTube Users like Markiplier Reacted to the age restrictions of The Mortuary Assistant


The recently released indie horror game The Mortuary Assistant has become popular among content creators on YouTube, which has led to many walkthroughs of videos from names like Jacksepticeye and CoryxKenshin. However, the game also revealed a number of problems related to YouTube and its policies.

The creator of CoryxKenshin was the first to mention the dubious practice of YouTube in connection with his passage of The Mortuary Assistant. In the video, he delves into serious allegations and presents evidence to support his claims. Other YouTube users then uploaded their opinions on the issue, supporting CoryxKenshin and emphasizing the need for YouTube to better administer its platform policy.

CoryxKenshin Video Calling for Age Restrictions YouTube

In a video titled “YouTube: Racism and Favoritism“, CoryxKenshin talked about his passage of The Mortuary Assistant and its status. When it was first uploaded on August 18, the YouTube team immediately imposed age restrictions on the video without telling CoryxKenshin why. This seemed strange to him, since many other creators uploaded their passage of The Mortuary Assistant, but none of them had age restrictions. He sent an appeal to lift the restriction, but was refused.

CoryxKenshin then contacted his YouTube representative to ask why his video has an age restriction. The representative replied that it could have been because of a scene in the second half of the video, which depicted images related to suicide. Please note that CoryxKenshin has since re-uploaded its walkthrough, and it no longer contains the described ending “Assistant in the Morgue”. However, he was looking for the same scene in the videos of other YouTubers and found it in the passing game Marker. However, the video of the Marker had no age restrictions, despite the same scene.

CoryxKenshin contacted his representative on YouTube again, sharing what he learned, and finally the team decides to lift the age limit. But that’s not a good thing for the company, because now it looks like YouTube used the Markiplier video to make sure CoryxKenshin doesn’t violate the guidelines of the self-harm policy. Firstly, YouTube should consistently apply its rules on the entire platform, and not select specific authors without giving them a justification for age restrictions.

CoryxKenshin then sent an email to his representative, making serious accusations of racism and favoritism against the YouTube team. What’s even more damning is that this isn’t his first encounter with the company’s shady activities. CoryxKenshin details how YouTube always tags or deletes his content when it’s trending on the platform — almost as if they were targeted actions against his channel. The most absurd case is related to the fact that YouTube tagged one of CoryxKenshin’s 2019 videos after he had just returned from a break. The company had plenty of time to take action on the old video, but decided to do so when CoryxKenshin returned from his break.

In response to his email, YouTube is again introducing age restrictions for the CoryxKenshin The Mortuary Assistant video, but this time the company is doing the same with the Markiplier video. If YouTube had consistently adhered to its principles, it would have been so from the very beginning. However, instead, the company presented itself in a negative light because it apparently targeted the CoryxKenshin video while ignoring a similar video from another creator. It is unclear whether this is a case of racism, nepotism or both, but it is undoubtedly a shady and unfair move on the part of YouTube.

Video responses from other YouTubers

The CoryxKenshin video callout attracted a lot of attention as soon as it was uploaded. In response, many popular YouTubers picked up his opinion, sharing their anecdotes and opinions about this. YouTuber Pinguinz0 was one of the first to upload the video, and he brings up two important points.

First, he notes that YouTube’s appeals system almost always rejects appeals regardless of their content. This in itself is a problem and suggests that the entire appeal process needs an overhaul. Secondly, Pinguinz0 emphasizes that the problem is not to side with the YouTuber who is more “friendly to advertising” (in other words, the one who brings more profit from advertising). CoryxKenshin censors all obscene expressions in its videos, so it is arguably more ad-friendly than Markiplier. This only further engages YouTube, as the company needs to explain the reason for such a seemingly illogical decision.


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