How Ben’s Death Affects the Netflix Series


Ben was the wild card foreshadowed by Agent Evans at the start of Ozark season three, and his presence was felt from start to finish, and arguably will be felt through season four despite being dead.

The impact of Ben’s death in Ozark Season 4

Despite the fact that Ben suffered from mental illness, he arguably had the most humane reaction to his family’s ongoing business with the Navarro Cartel. Her confusion, disgust, but ultimately her naivety of her family’s situation resulted in her own sister, Wendy, giving up her whereabouts so that Helen’s hitman could get rid of him.

Wendy has grown into a cold, calculated, and hardened woman, but her decision to let Ben die may be the one that breaks her. Her will to survive is incredibly strong, but with time to reflect on her actions, Wendy may find herself in a dark rabbit hole from which there may be no chance of returning.

For his age, Jonah has already experienced more trauma than most adults. His exposure to the family business had left Jonah numb to murder, but his uncle’s death has pushed him to the limit. Jonah nearly murdered Helen in an act of revenge, but learned from her that her mother, Wendy, gave Ben up, leading to her death. In a fit of rage, Jonah poked a hole in the living room window with a shotgun, but next season her actions could be much heavier.

Charlotte, who did not consider herself particularly close to her uncle, will still rebound from his death. She is close to her brother, but depending on her actions, she may have to decide between siding with him or siding with her parents. Charlotte had wanted to become emancipated before, but finally decided to stay with the family, now might be the perfect time to leave.

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Marty will have to deal with his family after Ben’s death. Not to mention, Marty no longer has Ruth working for him, which means he’ll be under more pressure to run the day-to-day business of the casino.


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