How Ben Affleck Reportedly Mentioned His Initial Engagement to J.Lo During His Wedding Speech


Last year we all felt that the beginning of the 2000s was really coming back. And not only because of certain trends in fashion and pop culture, but also because Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got back together after breaking off their engagement in 2003. A little over a year later, Bennifer picked up where they left off and struck up a relationship. sea node. After escaping in Las Vegas last month, the couple returned to the very place where they planned to get married almost 20 years ago. And yes, an initial engagement has reportedly appeared.

On Saturday, August 20, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez celebrated their marriage with a second wedding held at Affleck’s estate in Savannah, Georgia. During a speech in front of family and friends, a source claimed that this happened to Us Weekly:

Ben made a passionate speech in which he declared his love for Jennifer and her children, and said that children are a blessing and a gift that happened because they didn’t get married before, and this is proof that everything happens for a reason.

If Bennifer had really gotten married in 2003, perhaps they would never have found parents for each of their children. After their high-profile breakup, Ben Affleck met and married Jennifer Garner, and they had three children: Violet, 16, Serafina, 13, and Samuel, 10. Lopez married Marc Anthony, and they had twins Emma and Max.

Affleck reportedly said during his speech at the wedding, he is actually grateful that all these years did not work out between them, because then each of their children would not have been born. The actor explained this by saying that this is an example of “everything happens for a reason.” In 2003, it was not the right time for them, but they found each other again, and this time they are ready to devote themselves to each other.

Family is so important to Jennifer 2.0 that they apparently took their kids on their honeymoon to Paris, France, at the end of July, after everything became official in Las Vegas. Given that they have had two weddings, the couple has already flown to Italy, this time apparently alone, to travel to Europe once again. These two certainly know something about romance.

After her marriage, Lopez dizzily called Affleck “her husband” and simultaneously shared the news with fans in her newsletter. According to reports, after their tumultuous wedding celebrations are over, the couple is going to settle into Lopez’s $28 million Bel Air estate, which she has been wearing since 2016.

As for show business, Jennifer Lopez will have a movie in the Netflix action movie “Mother” in 2022, and Affleck will be part of Kevin Smith’s “Clerks III”, which is due to be released on September 13 this year.


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