How bad is your Spotify? AI criticizes users’ musical taste


In addition to playing an infinite bass solo on YouTube, showing all of its artistic talent, artificial intelligence (AI) is now also assessing the musical taste of Spotify users, in an ironic and even cruel way at times, based on reviews from expert critics and music publications.

Developed by The Pudding website, the algorithm entitled “How Bad Is Your Spotify?” (something like “How bad is your Spotify?”, in free translation) was trained in a database composed of more than two million indicators of “objectively good music”, according to the company.

The information used in AI training was obtained from sources such as the American platform Pitchfork and the journalist, music critic and youtuber Anthony Fantano. It also relied on recommendations from record stores and other sources of music analysis to generate its own ratings.

During the analysis of the most played songs and artists in your playlists, the program may ask some questions in a sarcastic tone, such as “Are you okay to listen to such an artist?”, Always making fun of your preferences. After evaluating music, genres and other indicators, the tool presents criticism to the user’s profile, with many jokes and ironies.

How bad is your Spotify?

Any user of music streaming can join in the fun and have their sound preferences evaluated by artificial intelligence. To do so, simply access the How Bad Is Your Spotify website, click on “Find Out” and log in with the service data.

According to the page, the bot will only have access to the information related to what you hear on the platform, without posting anything or making any modifications to the user’s account.

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It is worth remembering that the tool only has the English language available at the moment.


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