How Arnold Schwarzenegger reacted to the fact that his son Patrick showed him photos from the new spin-off “Boys” for Amazon


Arnold Schwarzenegger has many children who live adult lives in Hollywood and beyond, but a couple of his sons are also interested in bodybuilding and acting. Joseph Baena is the spitting image of his father, and he’s eerily close in his massive footsteps, but Schwarzenegger’s eldest son, Patrick Schwarzenegger, is also making a name for himself in the acting world after being hilariously inspired by his father. After participating in the upcoming Amazon spin-off The Boys, we now know how Patrick’s father reacted to his photos in the project.

Starting its third season, Amazon’s “Boys” paved the way for a couple of spin-offs. While the animated spin-off Diabolical has already been released on Amazon Prime, a live-action spin-off called The Boys Presents: Varsity featuring Patrick Schwarzenegger as a reportedly character named Golden Boy is in the works.

Apparently, filming has already begun, because, according to Variety, Patrick Schwarzenegger was able to show some of his photos on the set, shooting quite explicit scenes. Here’s what the star said about her famous father’s reaction to these photos:

He looked at me and said, “What the hell are you filming?” I’m like, “This is a show called The Boys. …You have to watch the episode to understand it, otherwise I won’t be able to formulate what’s going on in it.

I mean, it really is. Both points of view reflect two different experiences with The Boys, which also probably relates to the general nature of the upcoming spin-off. For those who have never seen the show, Arnold Schwarzenegger sums up his thoughts perfectly after watching one crazy clip. As for Patrick Schwarzenegger, he fully understands the fan experience, since it is obvious that he really saw the series and, thus, understands why the pearl of the superhero series has such a large number of fans and why participation in the spin-off is of great importance. .

However, I’m a little surprised that Arnold Schwarzenegger reacted this way, because have you seen his films? If I were reading the script of Terminator or Gemini without context and without watching the whole movie, I would probably react like that too. These are amazing films, but they are different from anything that came out at that time, and definitely were and still are quite outlandish. It’s also not like Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t been outspoken in the past; I mean, he’s getting naked in Terminator 2 and playing opposite the very sexy Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies.

The same can be said about Amazon’s “Boys” (and, most likely, about the upcoming by-product), because although there are many superhero movies and even superhero TV series, none of them gives us the same feeling as rude, corrupt and corrupt “Boys”. to be honest, it’s a pretty nasty look at what’s going on with superheroes behind closed doors, away from the adoring public.

Although not much is actually known about The Boys Presents: Varsity, we can at least conclude from the interaction of Patrick and Arnold Schwarzenegger that this will be a pretty wild series, very similar to the Amazon OG The Boys series. The spin-off doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can watch all 3 seasons of The Boys, as well as the canonical first season of Diabolical with Amazon Prime membership.