How Armie Hammer Is Reportedly Feeling Ahead of the House of Hammer Documentary Series


When the trailer for “Hammer’s House” came out, information became known not only about Armie Hammer, but also about his family. In the trailer, two of Hammer’s ex-boyfriends and one of Hammer’s family members talk about how corrupt the Hammer family is. The trailer also directly addresses the rape and battery charges brought against Hammer. With the show’s release just around the corner, a source close to Armie Hammer explained how Hammer is reportedly feeling ahead of the release.

The trailer for House of Hammer goes into great detail about alleged allegations that Hammer engaged in sexual harassment during his marriage and sent texts on the subject of cannibals. Along with the texts, there are voice notes and photos depicting women with a Hammer. The show will premiere next week, and sources explained to ET that Hammer is allegedly trying to prepare for what’s to come.

Armie is trying to prepare as best as possible for a documentary about Hammer’s House. He has an idea of what’s coming. Despite this, Armie tried to move forward as much as possible emotionally and from the point of view of his career.

Since the allegations against the actor became known, Hammer has starred in several films. Jennifer Lopez and the actor were supposed to play in the movie “Shotgun Wedding”. He has now been replaced by Josh Duhamel in this film. The CMBYN star was also scheduled to appear in Taiki Waititi’s “The Next Target Wins,” and was replaced by WillArnett.

More recently, it became known that Hammer now sells timeshare in the Caymans. Despite the fact that he is the great-grandson of oil magnate Armand Hammer, the actor does not receive a “family salary” and works to support his two children and ex-wife.

It is reported that in June, Armie Hammer underwent a course of treatment. He spent several months in a rehabilitation center in Florida, and then returned to his home in the Caymans. Presumably, Robert Downey Jr. helped pay for a six-month rehabilitation when the actor needed it. It was also reported that Downey also provides him with financial support. According to the source, the actor is also sober now.

He is sober and was committed to it. His friends are nervous that the documentary will crush him.

In the trailer for Hammer’s House, the actor’s former ex-girlfriends Courtney Vuckovic and Julia Morrison talk about their past relationship with Hammer. Together with her exes, Casey Hammer, the star’s aunt, appears in the trailer, talking about how corrupt and dark the family’s history is. In the trailer, she said:

If you believe in making deals with the devil, Hammers are the top of the totem pole. Every generation in my family has been involved in dark atrocities, and it’s getting worse and worse and worse.

According to the source, the release of the trailer seemed to Armie Hammer “a huge step back.” They said that due to the fact that this problem became public again and the participation of a family member in the series, they made it more difficult for the actor as the release approached.


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