How Armie Hammer Accuser reacted after the trailer for a documentary about His cannibalistic Text Antics Dropped


The streaming service Discovery+ recently unveiled the upcoming documentary series House of Hammer on people’s radars with a chilling trailer that begins to delve into the allegations made against Armie Hammer by several exes. The two women featured in the trailer, Courtney Vucekovic and Julia Morrison, appear to be opening up their phone records and social media accounts so that the series’ creators can paint a fuller picture of sexual assault allegations and even cannibalism rumors. They’ve been chasing Hammer for years. After the trailer fell, Vucekovic talked about her way forward.

It’s not easy for Courtney Vucekovic to share the story she shared with Armie Hammer. That’s why she turned to Instagram stories (via NY Post) and wrote: “Forward and up is the only option.” This is the healthiest approach when you have been in an alleged abusive relationship, and the text message and voice recordings left by Hammer definitely indicate this (although Hammer denies all the allegations made against him).

Courtney Vucekovic shared details about her relationship with Armie Hammer on page six back in 2021, opening a wider window for his abuse. She told the newspaper:

He takes care of you quickly in a relationship. He kind of charms you, and by being charming, he prepares you for these darker, heavier and all-consuming things. When I say consume, I mean mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, just everything. …He sucks out all the good things you have left. That’s what he did to me. I gave and gave and gave until it hurt.

These stories are likely to continue as we approach the release of House of Hammer, which isn’t going to stop with Armie and explores the history of male abuse in a family shared by family members like Armie’s aunt, Casey. A hammer. The actor has been fighting the allegations since he came out of rehab, and while most of them have been related to sexual assault and cannibalism, a recent string of bizarre allegations have linked Hammer to a job selling timeshare and touring in the Cayman Islands. It sounds so strange, but there is nothing unusual in the realm of the Hammer.

It is unlikely that Armie Hammer will find work in film and television, given the fact that films such as “Death on the Nile” and “The Next Scoring Victory” have struggled to either distance themselves from the actor or completely replace him. It feels like Hollywood studios have faced more than their fair share of backlash when it comes to actors involved in controversies that could affect production—the biggest one being Ezra Miller and their continued involvement in The Flash. Something tells me that studio executives would rather cut off the problem with Hammer on the go than roll the dice on his role as a viable protagonist again.


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