How are zoom meetings recorded?


The use of video conferencing applications peaked during the pandemic period. Thanks to these applications, students and home workers have the opportunity to easily hold live meetings.

The zoom platform is one of the most popular video conferencing applications. Especially, “How to record Zoom meetings, how to record in Zoom?” Investigated by people working from home. We answered such questions in detail in our article.

Here’s the answer to the question of how to record Zoom meetings:

It is possible to easily record the meetings held in the Zoom application. In addition to the 3rd party applications used for this process, there is also the built-in Zoom recorder feature, which is very useful. With the zoom recorder, you can easily record the meetings you have attended. However, first of all, permission is required from the manager who initiated the meeting to record in the Zoom application.

Usually the recording feature is active in the application. However, the manager who started the meeting has the opportunity to disable the recording feature if he wishes. In such a case, you will not be able to record with the built-in Zoom recorder. When the recording feature is turned off, most users apply to 3rd party applications, but recording without permission from the organizer and attendees falls under the category of privacy violation.

The process of recording zoom meetings:

Step 1: Open the Settings section in the Zoom application.

Step 2: From here, specify where the meeting recording will be saved on your computer. If you wish, you have the opportunity to optimize 3rd party recording applications from this menu.

Step 3: Join a meeting you want to attend. Here, if the manager who initiated the meeting gave permission to record, the “Record” option at the bottom will be active. Start recording using the “Alt + R” shortcut or button here. After the recording has started, you can pause the recording with the shortcut “Alt + P” and end the recording with the shortcut “Alt + R”. In addition, you have the opportunity to automatically end the recording by clicking the “End Meeting” option in the lower right corner. After the registration process is finished, the recording of the meeting is sent to the place you specified earlier.

It is possible to record a meeting in Zoom easily by following these steps. If your organizer has turned off the recording feature for attendees, you can request registration permission from your manager.


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