How America’s Got Talent Ventriloquist Jack Williams’ Chances of Winning Could Be Affected by Another Competitor, According to Howie Mandel


America’s Got Talent narrows down the list of remaining contestants to find the top 10 who will get a chance at $1 million and a stage show in Las Vegas. Two ventriloquists took part in the qualifying round, and last week Celia Munoz shone with her tribute to Grease. Jack Williams was with his puppets this week and earned a lot of applause, but judge Howie Mandel weighed in on why another contestant might have affected his chances of winning overall.

Jack Williams did mention Celia Munoz and her elimination in his video package before he took the stage for his live performance. Howie Mandel praised the ventriloquist for his work and said it was hard to believe he was actually new to performing on stage and not on social media. However, he wasn’t thrilled with Williams after watching Munoz last week.

Mandel spoke to CinemaBlend and other media outlets after the last episode of qualifying, and when I asked if he thought Williams’ chances were affected by Munoz’s performance just seven days before, the judge shared:

She was so good and she was just voted for her teeth. I don’t think he rose to what she did. She cut herself! And he is here, on stage, doing something not so good in material terms. Not so original. You know, I’ve already seen a remote-controlled puppet theater. We had this on the show, we actually had a winner who did something similar where the puppet was my face mask. So I want to say that the voices were not so distinctly different from the puppet ones for him.

Celia Munoz performed her qualifying number on the competition night, and, in the end, golden buzzer winner Sarah James and magician Nicholas Ribs became the two who went further. The judges were more critical on the night of August 30 when Jack Williams brought back his puppets for a bigger and bolder show, but for Mandel, seeing him after watching Munoz last week didn’t make him think any better about Williams’ chances of winning. . The judge continued:

That’s what I was doing. It was in my head. Last week I was sitting there thinking: “My God, this young lady could be in the final.” And if she makes it to the finals, there’s a chance she can win.” Compared to that, it’s not what I’ve seen here.

Of course, Jack Williams still did a great job and earned a lot of compliments, and it’s worth noting that he and Celia Munoz do ventriloquism differently, so it’s a bit like comparing apples to oranges. While Williams created a second puppet in addition to his first, Munoz does not use puppets at all. He’s more like past AGT contestants Terry Fator, Paul Zerdin and Darcy Lynn Farmer when it comes to using puppets, and all three of these have won their seasons of the show. So, fans of America’s Got Talent tend to come to traditional ventriloquists.

If you missed Jack Williams’ return to the stage for his chance to reach the grand final, take a look:

Viewers had until 7 a.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, August 31 to cast their votes for the last group of performers, including Jack Williams. The results will be revealed in an episode that starts just over twelve hours later, and America’s Got Talent will reduce the number of eleven to two at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

It’s hard to guess who has done enough to move on, although the odds of “Metaphysics” seem good after they tricked the judges and teased what lies ahead if they make it to the finals. The winner of the golden buzzer, Lily Meola (who deserved an award from Heidi Klum), also returned with an emotional performance, which could have been enough to move forward, but as the elimination of Madison Taylor Baez showed – after I put her in the middle of the group of those who can win — the golden buzzer is not a guarantee for at this stage of the game.

There are only a couple of weeks left until the 17th season of America’s Got Talent, but there will be plenty of options in prime time when the fall TV season begins. To find out what to watch, be sure to check out our schedule of TV premieres for 2022.


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