How Amanda Bynes Reunites With All Her Colleagues Almost a Year After Graduating From Her Conservatory


Amanda Bynes has experienced a new chapter in her life since her guardianship ended last year. Since then, the former Nickelodeon star has mostly kept a low profile, but fans have been waiting to see if Bynes will return to the entertainment industry after she released several NSFW rap songs. Well, the public doesn’t need to speculate anymore, as the former child star is about to reunite with her co-stars in the movie “All This” for the first time in many years.

Amanda Bynes and other OG All That alumni — Kel Mitchell, Laurie Beth Denberg and Danny Tamberelli —will celebrate the iconic Nickelodeon sketch show at this year’s ’90s Con, according to People. The nostalgia-filled event will take place from March 17-19 at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. The mini-reunion marks an important professional step for Bynes after the termination of her eight-year guardianship. In a statement distributed to merchants, the star of the “Amanda Show” expressed joy at being reunited with her former colleagues:

I’m really excited to reunite with my castmates and meet the fans at ’90s Con.

It looks like Amanda Bynes is ready to meet her fans and remember everything with her family. Her participation in the event is more than appropriate, given that the comedy series for children marked the beginning of her career in television and cinema. Bynes participated in the show from 1996 to 2000, before receiving her eponymous variety series, which lasted three seasons. While working on the first of the two programs, she created memorable sketches, the most famous of which, perhaps, was “Ask Ashley”.

“She’s a Man” wasn’t the only one who was excited about the expected panel, as fellow Nick Kid Kel Mitchell couldn’t contain his enthusiasm for the reunion. The actor, who attended the nostalgic convention in 2022, is looking forward to meeting his former colleagues, especially Bynes:

Last year I had a great time at ’90s Con promoting my book and new single “Blessed Mode”. What could be better than coming back with the All That gang… including Amanda Bynes, who will be joining Danny, Laurie Beth and me this year. .

The 90s pageant could be the perfect place for Amanda Bynes to reconnect with her fans after the trial. Immediately after it was dissolved, Bynes thanked them for their support during her custody battle. They haven’t heard much about the actress and her fiance, who made headlines after police were called to their home following a domestic dispute. With all this in mind, it’s just nice to know that Bynes will be participating in the convention and will be able to discuss it positively with his fans.

Seeing Amanda Bynes with Kel Mitchell, Laurie Beth Denberg and Danny Tamberelli will be a real treat for the All That fandom, to say the least. I hope we get some cute behind-the-scenes details from the set of the classic series. We just have to wait and see how it all ends. In the meantime, review Nickelodeon’s core product using a Paramount+ subscription, and keep an eye on new shows using the 2023 TV program.


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