How AEW Can Reverse Rampage’s Brutal Rollback


AEW Friday Night Rampage has started to lag behind the competition in terms of ratings, and Tony Khan needs to find a way to reverse this trend. When CM Punk debuted last year, it was given a Friday night, and it worked to get people tuned in to it. When he was lying on the shelf, and part of the All Elite squad was injured, it turned out to be a difficult task to collect solid cards for Rampage lately. .

As WWE gathers momentum following Vince McMahon’s sudden retirement, pressure is starting to mount on All Elite to figure out how to bring more attention to their Friday night show. There are always ups and downs in ratings, but most of all AEW is worried about why ratings are falling. There just wasn’t enough star power to intrigue anyone but the most ardent fans of the brand.

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In the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer newsletter, Dave Meltzer wrote the following: “Rampage on July 29 showed the lowest 18-49 score in its regular timeslot in history and the second lowest total number of viewers in its timeslot. Simply. Let’s say the numbers were brutal, and they greatly increased the star power, otherwise this show has problems.” Meltzer continued, opining that “Anna Jay vs. Ruby Soho is just not the main event of Rampage, and the numbers showed that as it just died with younger viewers compared to a normal week. The show was watched by 375,000 viewers with 0.11 at 18-49. (140,000 viewers) and a terribly bad 0.04 at the age of 18-34 and 0.03 among teenagers. The show was No. 23 for the night.”

It’s clear what Tony Khan is trying to do here. The purpose of Anna Jay and Ruby Soho’s participation in the main event is to make them look and feel like participants in the main events. However, this process involves more than just booking a match, which should be at the end of the map. Soho has a stellar career record of 35-5, but 24 of her 40 matches came at AEW: Dark. She hasn’t had a singles match on Dynamite since February 2, when she lost to Nyla Rose. Soho has not won a single Wednesday night singles match since December 22 last year. So AEW can include her in the main event of Rampage as much as she likes, but Soho has not been booked as a star of the main event caliber. Not even close.

The same goes for Anna Jay. She has a career record of 43-13, but a whopping 36 of her 56 matches have come out on AEW’s YouTube channel. At least recently she appeared on AEW Dynamite in singles, although Serena Dib beat her. Jay scored a victory over Soho on Friday night, which was her first solo victory on Dynamite or Rampage since September 15, 2021. The aftershocks have to start somewhere, so maybe this is the beginning of something big for Jay. However, ratings dropped last week, and AEW had to start putting out more of its stars on Friday nights. Rampage would be a great place for all the talent who feel that they are not being used enough to gather and try to attract attention to themselves every week. Ethan Page, HOOK, Wardlaw and Ricky Starks come to mind.


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