Housemarque Received Offers From Other “Big” Studios; Not Just PlayStation


Housemarque: The Helsinki-based studio chose PlayStation Studios as their new home, where they will develop bigger and more ambitious games in the future.Sony Interactive Entertainment wasn’t the only one interested in shielding Housemarque’s services within its portfolio of development studios, PlayStation Studios. The Finnish team, responsible for Returnal or Resogun, has received offers from “big players” in the industry, not just the Japanese firm.

The announcement of the purchase of Housemarque and Nixxes have been the two big events of the past week in the PlayStation universe, which already has 16 internal teams. The co-founder of the first, Ilari Kuittinen, accompanied by Mikael Haveri, marketing director, have explained in the Finnish medium Yle that they had several proposals on the table; although names have not transcended. We only know the final pick, PlayStation, with whom they started working very closely in 2007 with Super Stardust HD.

When asked by those other names interested in buying Housemarque, the answer leaves us only two locations: “The usual suspects: large companies in the sector from China, Sweden and the United States,” says Kuittinen. And he adds: “I have to say that we have had a very special spring and the fact that they compete for us seems a bit surreal”, he admits in amazement, which shows that the negotiations have lasted until these last months. Of course, Sony’s interest began in 2020.

All in all, Housemarque is already part of PlayStation Studios. In the future, they will grow in size, will have a greater number of employees and will be able to work with peace of mind on the financial side, something fundamental given that they themselves recognized that they have experienced economic difficulties in recent years.

“During our conversations it became clear that Sony wanted to buy us because we were doing something that others were not. His starting point was not that we started making games according to a formula defined by Sony ”, he explains, a few words that give off a certain creative freedom. “If we think about future projects, they may be even bigger and more ambitious,” he adds, something they already declared last May.

Returnal, exclusive to PlayStation 5, is an action and shooter adventure with a sci-fi setting where each death makes us start all over again. It is one of the highest rated video games of 2021. You can read our analysis here.


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