House of the Dragon: Who is Otto Hightower?


Several characters left wonderful impressions in the season premiere of “House of the Dragon”, especially the Targaryen family, consisting of King Viserys, his brother Prince Damon and his daughter Princess Rainira. However, Otto Hightower is a tough and harsh character who serves as the hand of the king and a knight of the House of Hightower. Otto’s loyalty to Viserys is undeniable because of their important conversations in the King’s Small Council.

Actor Rhys Evans is best known for his funny and villainous roles, including the romantic comedy “Notting Hill” and Dr. Kurt Connors/A lizard in The New Spider-Man. His new role of Otto is clever in the sense that the character is both calm and serious, which leaves much to be desired regarding his true intentions in Westeros.

Otto is the King’s best ally

As the right-hand man of King Viserys, Otto undoubtedly has one of the most difficult duties among all the members of the Council. Otto’s job is to take care of the king’s interests, inform him about any problems and serious matters that require his attention, and make him happy even under conditions of enormous stress and pressure.

When Lord Corliss Velarion repeatedly presents his argument that his ships are under the scrutiny of opposing alliances and the invasion of pirates, Otto sternly tells the captain of the ships that his concerns will be taken into account by the king. Otto appreciates important news, but at the same time does not want the king to be burdened with too much at once.

Otto doesn’t like the King’s brother

Prince Damon Targaryen (the King’s brother) is Jamie Lannister in this series, as he is the most hated man in Westeros. No one seems to love Damon more than Otto, who finds the prince excessively cruel and repulsive. After learning that Damon brutally killed and dismembered people for murders and crimes, Otto considered the prince’s actions too extreme.

Otto believes in law and order as much as the members of the Royal Council, but also that the Seven Kingdoms should not be ruled by fear and intimidation alone. The Knight of the House of Hightower considers Damon the greatest threat to the kingdom, greater than the enemies he faces in battle.

Otto’s opinion on the succession of the King

The most intense discussion involving the Small Council takes place towards the end of the pilot episode, when they discuss who should succeed the king on the Iron throne. At this point, Otto feels torn and worried because he doesn’t want to put his emotional king in a bad position, especially after he lost his queen and their newborn baby due to the difficulties associated with child labor. However, Otto worries that the king will be vulnerable due to the lack of an obvious successor.

It is in this scene that Otto proves that Damon clearly should not be next in line to become king because of the prince’s outbursts of violence and cruelty towards others. Otto also briefly mentioned Corliss for initially supporting the idea that Damon could be the next king (before stating that others also have claims to the throne). Unlike some members of the Council, Otto welcomes the idea of leading Westeros as queen, believing that Viserys’ daughter, Rhaenyra, is the right person to take her father’s place after he becomes king.

Otto is also a father, like Viserys

In addition to the most difficult job in Westeros as an adviser to the king, who sees and knows everyone and everything that happens around him, Otto is also the father of a daughter, just like Viserys. Alicent Hightower is a beautiful and sensitive young woman who, like her father, is both calm and serious. Alicent is also Rainira’s best friend. Unlike Viserys, who loves Rainira, but is primarily focused on making his son his heir, Otto loves Alicent very much and cares about her well-being.

Otto also seems very cautious and defends Alicent. During a major tournament, there is a moment when Damon asks Alicent to put a small wreath on his wooden spear for good luck. Alicent gives the wreath to Damon, which displeases Otto because of his dislike of the prince. Otto also doesn’t want Alicent to get involved with violent men like Damon, or get used to watching glorified violence for fun.

After King Viserys lost his queen and their newborn baby, Otto and Alicent experience an emotional moment together, understanding the grief and sadness that the King and Rainira are going through. Otto and his daughter have also suffered huge losses in the past when Alicent’s mother died. To comfort the king, Otto asks Alicent to meet Viserys to read him a history book while wearing one of her late mother’s dresses.

Like his daughter, Otto is a caring person who wants the best for Viserys and Rhaenyra, and is also able to solve the serious problems hanging over King’s Landing.


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