House of The Dragon: Tyrion Lannister actor criticized Game of Thrones sequel


House of the Dragon is ready for its arrival so far this new year 2022, and since the incredible HBO fantasy series, Game of Thrones, ended, fans have been on the lookout for each and every one of the details of this drama, including great actors who participated in the original story, such as the interpreter of Tyrion Lannister, Peter Dinklage.

Some people involved behind the scenes have provided additional insight into what fans can expect in House of the Dragon’s eventual release. One of them was the writer of the original Game of Thrones books, George RR Martin, since he claimed to have seen a first edition of the first episode.

To the surprise of many, George RR Martin praised the House of the Dragon cast as a whole for the magnificent work that has been airing. On the other hand, the showrunner Miguel Sapochnik described that they are focusing on doing something different from the work already seen on the screens.

Likewise, Sapochnik assured that House of the Dragon tries to stand on its own whenever possible, rather than relying on the proven success of an existing formula. Now, actor Peter Dinklage was the performer involved in giving his own take on it, and he assured that this drama is approaching the show with a mixture of enthusiasm and skepticism.

As we will remember, Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, was one of the characters most loved by his audience, and it is not for less, since the actor Peter Dinklage, was playing this role for eight consecutive years.

In a recent celebrity interview on “WTF With Marc Maron,” Peter Dinklage noted in particular that he is not involved in the upcoming series, which means that he will be able to watch it as a fan and only as a fan, moreover, he also firmly believes that this is going to be a really amazing show.

“I think it’s going to be a really good show. The director and producer worked on our show, and I think it’s going to be really good.” “But they took a risk on our show. HBO did it. They took a big risk on our show. It was a slow start, but why don’t they do it again? This is not a risk. It’s a proven thing that works.”

In short, the actor highlights the fact that with House of the Dragon, HBO is returning to a property with a built-in audience, rather than taking chances with new material like they did with Game of Thrones. And it is no secret to anyone that fans of the original story are already eager to see the drama on screen.