House of the Dragon: The richest actor from the HBO Max spin-off may surprise you


When most people talk about Game of Thrones these days, they find it very difficult to avoid mentioning the show’s much-maligned final season and finale. While that makes perfect sense, since fans wanted Games of Thrones to end very differently, it’s still a shame. After all, until the final chapters, the series was incredibly popular because it really was fantastic.

If there’s one thing that has the potential to remind fans how great Game of Thrones was at its zenith, it’s the show’s upcoming spin-off. The reason for this is that House of the Dragon has the potential to be equally good and that would likely make fans remember what they loved about Game of Thrones in the past. For that reason, many people are interested in learning all they can about House of the Dragon, including how rich the stars of the show are.

Since the early 2010s, it has become clear that Olivia Cooke has the acting skills and screen presence to land notable roles in major productions. After first rising to fame when she became one of the stars of A & E’s Bates Motel, fans couldn’t tire of seeing Cooke share the screen with horror icon Norman Bates. When House of the Dragon debuts, Cooke will be seen playing a member of the King’s inner circle. Based on all that she has accomplished, the actress has clearly earned the $ 2 million fortune that she has according to

With Paddy Considine set to bring House of the Dragon’s King Viserys I Targaryen to life, he is likely to become more famous than at any other time in his life. Despite that, Considine has been a highly respected actor for many, many years. Character actor Considine has never headlined a blockbuster movie, but he has been amazing in many supporting roles and starred in many acclaimed small projects. Fortunately for this talented actor, his years of work in the entertainment industry have allowed the actor to make a fortune of $ 4 million according to

As everyone should know, Doctor Who is one of the most legendary series in television history. As a result, when Matt Smith was cast as The Doctor, it seemed possible that his career had reached its zenith. Fortunately for him, Smith has accomplished a lot since leaving Doctor Who. For example, Smith won accolades for his role in The Crown and starred in movies like Terminator Genisys. As arguably the most famous House of the Dragon star, it makes sense for Smith to land near the top of this list with a fortune of $ 9 million according to

But despite these 3 big names, there is another hidden actor who has worked on big projects. Some people may be surprised to see the actor who is ready to play the hand of the king in House of the Dragon topping this list. However, considering all the notable roles Rhys Ifans has played, he shouldn’t be too shocking. After all, the actor has starred in movies like Notting Hill, Harry Potter, and Spider-Man. Thanks to all those notable roles and all the other credits from him, Ifans is worth $ 12.5 million according to