House of the Dragon: Revealed the number of episodes that the GOT prequel will have


The long-awaited trailer for House of Dragon premiered in 2021, and without a doubt, Game of Thrones fans could not be happier with the HBO production for having fulfilled one of the audience’s greatest dreams. Although the end of GOT has been one of the most talked about, there are certain viewers who defend the closure of this successful series.

Game of Thrones continues to position itself as one of the most epic fantasy shows ever created, for obvious reasons, viewers are more than eager for new updates on what this prequel to House of Dragon will be. By the time GOT came to an end, this drama had already gathered hundreds of millions of fans around the world.

As we will remember, the universe of Game of Thrones is made up of fictional kingdoms, which is why its viewers came to wonder how these mysterious worlds came to be formed. Given this response, it could be said that House of Dragon could solve these mysteries, since the series will be based 300 years before what has already been experienced on screen.

One of the things that most attracts the attention of his followers of this franchise is the arc of tension related to the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and the political conflicts between the noble families. Another interesting detail is the offspring of the ruling dynasty of the kingdom, those who have tried to conspire to return and reclaim the throne.

Another of the important arcs is related to the Night’s Watch, the soldiers who defend the rest of the seven kingdoms from supernatural forces. These stories make Game of Thrones full of praise thanks to their plots and character arcs.

Because of the controversial ending, HBO viewers asked the production to continue the story in some way. In House of Dragon we will see the beginning of the end of the Targaryen house, that is, the events that happened before this powerful family came to a civil war.

It is estimated that its premiere will take place in this year 2022, although an exact date has not yet been confirmed. So far it is known that this first installment will have at least ten episodes. As for the number of seasons, it could be said that it will be based on the number of viewers.