“House of the Dragon”: HBO “disappointed” by Leaked Finale


HBO reacted after the final season of “House of the Dragon” leaked to the network ahead of its premiere this week.

The finale, titled “The Black Queen,” is scheduled to air on Sunday (October 23) and is the last episode of the first prequel of “Game of Thrones.” The show averages about 29 million viewers per episode and has already been renewed for a second season.

In a statement, HBO responded to the leak by saying, “We are aware that the tenth episode of House of the Dragon was posted on illegal torrent sites. HBO actively monitors and retrieves these copies from the Internet.”

The statement went on to criticize the sources of information for affecting the viewing experience of fans.: “We are disappointed that this illegal action has disrupted the viewing experience for the show’s loyal fans, who will see an untouched version of the episode when it comes out. the premiere is on Sunday.”

Although this is the first time “House of the Dragon” has been affected by an episode leak, “Game of Thrones” has often tried to stop episodes from being released online before they aired.
“Thrones” also previously demanded a ransom after hackers got hold of the seventh season finale.

In a four-star review of “House of the Dragon,” NME wrote: “What’s encouraging is that ‘House of the Dragon’ feels like it’s walking on solid ground: simmering rivalry, power struggles, outbursts of violence; six episodes, it all comes together to create a rich stew.”

Matt Smith

“House of the Dragon” releases new episodes at 2 a.m. every Monday on Sky Atlantic and NOW.

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