House Of Ashes Is A Sharp Fall Into An Abyss Filled With Horrors


House Of Ashes: Since the first time I played Heavy Rain, I started to be interested in interactive drama games, especially horror ones, because they convey that feeling of being a character in the film, and not just a spectator screaming at the screen every time someone decides to separate from the group, or to open up some dark room that will likely result in a tragic death.

So when Supermassive Games went on to release Dark Pictures Anthology, my interest only increased, having really enjoyed the ghost ship of Man of Medan, and the witches of Little Hope. And on October 22nd, we were introduced to House of Ashes, the third chapter of this terrifying anthology.

But could this story with touches of Sumerian mythology manage to match or even surpass its predecessors? Well, check out our review to find out!

Bullet rain forecast with chances of sudden falls in ancient temples

On a trip back to 2003, during the Iraq War, we took control of a group of Americans made up of CIA agent Rachel King; her husband and US Air Force lieutenant colonel Eric; Marines First Lieutenant Jason Kolchek; and Sgt. Nick Kay; who set out on a mission to find Saddam Hussen’s supposed arsenal of chemical weapons.