House approves $ 175 to $ 375 emergency aid


The Chamber of Deputies approved in a second round, this Thursday (11), the basic text of the project that creates mechanisms to subsidize the new emergency aid. Approximately  $ 44 billion will be allocated to the payment of benefits, which should be between $ 175 and $ 375.

Despite the approval, which has also passed through the Senate, the money will not start to be paid at this time. President Jair Bolsonaro needs to publish an MP (Provisional Measure) to authorize the transfers, which should happen next week.

According to the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, who sewed the agreement together with the Legislature, the aid will be worth  $ 175 for single men,  $ 250 for couples and  $ 375 for women who support a family alone.

The number of Brazilians who will receive the money was not disclosed. Despite this, the Federal Government has already calculated that about 33 million people need to earn the benefit. The number represents half of those who received the transfers last year, in the first round.

Emergency PEC

The emergency aid was approved in the so-called “Emergency PEC”, which addresses topics to balance public account spending. The proposal has already been voted on by the Senate, but will only come into force when parliamentarians vote on the highlights, which are altered excerpts from the original text.

For example, up to  $ 44 billion was spent on the program. In addition, the proposal provides for trigger mechanisms for the approval of the “state of calamity” in difficult times that the country is going through, such as the current one.

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