HOTNESS OVERLOADED: Dakota Johnson and Sidney Sweeney Get Together For a Marvel Movie?


Imagine two of the sexiest women on earth in an action-packed Marvel movie. Sounds amazing, right? Well, if you imagined something like this in the past, your dream is about to come true. That’s because Dakota Johnson and Sidney Sweeney will star in a female-centric Marvel movie.

As surprising as it may sound, both of these actresses were seen together during the filming of the film, in which Johnson is to play the main role. But what kind of movie is this and what role will these two ladies play?

What movie will Dakota Johnson and Sidney Sweeney play in?

It is assumed that the “Fifty Shades of Grey” actress will play a major role in the upcoming MCU film “Madame Web”. Some time ago, Marvel was accused of not having enough films aimed at women, so this can be considered an initiative of the studio aimed at removing the charges.

Dakota Johnson will play the main role of Madame Cobweb, and Sydney Sweeney will play her friend and classmate. According to The Animalz, this is one of the first films created by Marvel aimed at women, and therefore high hopes are pinned on it. Although only Sweeney and Johnson are confirmed to star in the films, Variety reported last June that Emma Roberts could join the cast of this long-awaited project.

Madame Web’s origins can be traced back to Marvel’s Spider-Man in the 1980s comics. It is said that this character is related to the character Peter Parker, helping him from time to time to fight evil. Last year, Dakota Johnson starred in two films: “Persuasion” and “Cha-cha, Real Smoothness.” Both films were a success, which eventually helped the actress to star in a major Marvel movie.

Sweeney, on the other hand, has a lot to do besides the big MCU project of which she is a part. The 25-year-old is also working on her production house Fifty-Fifty Films, which she officially launched during the lockdown. In the near future, she has a goal to produce as well as make films. She also became the face of Armani’s My Way.

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