Hotel Transylvânia 4: Movie Gets New Release Date On Amazon Prime


Hotel Transylvânia 4: This Wednesday, 06, Sony Pictures released a new release date for Hotel Transylvania 4. The film, which was slated to premiere earlier this month, will hit Amazon Prime Video on January 14, 2022.

To inform franchise fans about the release’s change, Sony used its official Twitter account. “SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Mark your calendars, #HotelTransylvania4 will be released worldwide on @PrimeVideo January 14th,” he wrote in the publication’s caption.

In the comments of the post, several people were saddened by the news, as great expectations were created for the release of the feature later this year.

“Thank you for making me go from being a liar to my son. You could have just warned us that the movie wouldn’t be available before Halloween, instead of getting our kids hopeful. They’re already going through enough at this point in their lives for you to disappoint them for something they’ve been waiting for months,” said one netizen.

On October 1st, the date that the movie was scheduled to be released, Amazon Prime Video spoke about the delay, but without giving much explanation about the date change.

“We are sorry for the disappointment, but the Hotel Transylvania 4 was not released from the studio today as scheduled. As soon as it is released, we will go live for you! Stay tuned,” he posted on social media at the time.


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