Hotel rooms available for precarious young people!


Some students struggle to make ends meet. To remedy this, some hotels are opening their rooms to young people in precariousness.

The life of students is not a long quiet river, after all. All the more so in this special time that we are all living. To allow young people in the most precarious situations to access housing, some hotels are opening rooms for them. A gesture that can make the difference.

Many students struggle to find a decent position. Last year and the start of the year does not seem to improve matters.

Between the Covid-19, the distance learning courses and of course the shortfall means that some find themselves in an emergency situation. However, some organizations are moving to change the situation.

Social actions are therefore being organized throughout France, especially in Paris, with the opening of solidarity grocery stores, but not only. This time, a large hotel group decided to help the young people.

In fact, the Accor group intends to accommodate young people in great poverty in its own hotels. Thus, the latter requisitioned several of his rooms to help these young people in search of housing.

In total, around a hundred rooms are open to students. In particular in Saint-Ouen, where our colleagues from Europe 1 went.


This initiative is followed by volunteers from the Red Cross. “We have young people who were not necessarily in the street but who were in poor housing,” says Virginie Tremelay from the exclusion center of the Red Cross at the microphone of Europe 1.

Since last week, Accor hotels have opened their doors to students in the city of Saint-Ouen, as well as on the Porte de Châtillon side.

This device, a student interviewed by Europe 1 was able to benefit from it. The latter describes one of these rooms, all in all, summary but with the essential.

“The place I was in was a studio that I shared,” she admits. “I was sleeping on the sofa. There was a lot of noise, I couldn’t concentrate. It was a bit difficult for me. ”

Thus, she was able to find refuge in this hotel room where there is “a bed, a table”. If she was able to land in this Parisian hotel room, it is because she registered with the Crous or its establishment.

“Many told us they were staying with friends,” the same volunteer told our colleagues. The latter were therefore not on the street but in housing where they were on top of each other and where they “couldn’t stand each other”.

“They can’t cook, take the course,” she laments. What accentuates the risk of dropping out, in short. These rooms therefore constitute a fallback solution for these students who want to succeed.


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