Hota’s Injury, Ban on the Sideline and Injuries — 5 Key Moments of Jurgen Klopp’s Press Conference Before West Ham


Jurgen Klopp shared the heartbreaking news about Diogo Hoth, the latest on his potential sideline ban and details of Liverpool’s injuries at his press conference ahead of West Ham on Tuesday.

Here are five key points from Jurgen ahead of the midweek clash with David Moyes’ side:

Jota dropped out for “months” — will miss the World Cup

This is the news that everyone feared when Hota was stretched in stoppage time against City.

Klopp confirmed that the Portuguese striker will miss the World Cup due to a shin injury, which will prevent him from missing “months”.

He did not want to specify the dates of his return.

“Really bad news for Diogo. Yes, he will miss the World Cup. Quite a serious injury to the calf muscle, now the recovery process is beginning, ” Klopp told reporters.

“This is the first diagnosis that was pretty clear, and all the others will follow in the next few days. Very sad news for the boy, for us and for Portugal.

“We are talking about months. Let’s see, I don’t want to put a figure, because I always hope that in the middle of rehabilitation there will be a very positive development, and we will be able to shorten the weekend. It’s going to be a long time.”

There is no ban on the sideline… yet?

As things stand, Klopp expects to take his place in the dugout on Wednesday evening.

It is still possible that in the coming days or weeks he will be charged and face some kind of ban, but so far the boss says nothing has been received from the FA.

He also revealed how he spoke “calmly” with Anthony Taylor after Sunday’s clash with City.

“I think I’ll be there tomorrow because nothing has really happened yet,” the boss said.

“I don’t think anything will happen tomorrow, to be honest, a few hours before the game.

“I’m not happy with my reaction, but that’s how it was. I sat in Anthony Taylor’s office after the game and talked quite calmly about all the situations, about how he saw the game and how I saw the game. It was a completely calm conversation.”

“I don’t think anyone wants to be best friends with us!”

As expected, Klopp’s comments before the game with City about their financial support were completely disproportionate.

Much of the fallout from Sunday’s victory was due to the relationship between the two clubs amid some claims from City that the Liverpool boss had crossed the line in his comments.

At this press conference, Klopp admitted that the good words he said about City and Pep Guardiola “obviously didn’t get through.”

“I’m not sure we should be best friends with other clubs, to be honest, I don’t think anyone wants to be best friends with us,” he said.

“It all started here with a question and an answer, and then everything else was made of it.

“I know what I was thinking when I said that, and I thought I put it all in perspective and said how much I respect everything they do, but for some it was still wrong.”

Nunes — “the machine”

If there are any concerns about the start of Darwin Nunez’s life at Anfield, then it seems Klopp does not share them.

The boss believes that Nunez has now “really arrived” at the club, and seems confident that the Uruguayan will continue to prove his worth at the Reds.

“I like its impact. He’s a machine. Physically, he is very strong, and every day he gets better and better.

“You can really see it settling down. Now he is in the team at 100 percent, he really came completely, but of course he wants to score and create more goals.

“It’s all going to happen, but it’s always taken time.”

Extensive Injury Update

Apart from the bad news about Jota, most of the other injury news that the boss told us was positive.

Ibrahima Konate may return to training this weekend, while Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Naby Keita and Calvin Ramsey are no longer injured, but they need time to improve their fitness.

Curtis Jones “may be one step closer, but I didn’t train yesterday, so maybe half a step!”

Oxlade-Chamberlain “is coming. Yesterday he was in full team training, but it takes time.”

Keita “now participated in team training.”

Joel Matip “still a little far away.”

Ramsay is “ready to play for the under-21 team on the weekend.”


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