“Jota is a terrible person!” – Liverpool’s “Ruthless” Fines and The Group’s Management Are Explained


Andy Robertson is one of six players in Liverpool’s leadership group, with the Scot throwing mud at some of the penalties issued to his teammates.

Jurgen Klopp and a number of Liverpool players have talked about the club’s penalty system in the past, when punishments were imposed for misdemeanors such as not having a phone during a team lunch and being late for a flight.

Jordan Henderson and James Milner are two players who, according to Robertson, “make a lot of decisions” by taking responsibility for issuing penalties.

Speaking about the latest episode of the We Are Liverpool podcast, Robertson also revealed how Diogo Hota can be a “terrible person” when it comes to catching people!

“There were a few silly things in the pre—season,” he explained.

“In the preseason, because you have been together for so long, people become ruthless.

“Hota is a terrible person when it comes to fines! He’s waiting there for hours.

“We have such an argument, say, the bus should leave at one o’clock in the afternoon, if you are 15 seconds late, will you be late or will you not be late?

“So Millie and I are saying that you were late because you had to leave at 13:00.

“If you show up at a game at three hours and 20 seconds, you’ll be late for the game, won’t you?

“But I think some of the foreigners are not too happy about it. They say that while it’s three o’clock on the clock, they still have time.”

Robertson also lifted the veil over Liverpool’s leadership group, which Klopp presented at the beginning of his stay at the club.

Previously, there were only four players in the group, and after the departure of Jeanie Wijnaldum, this number increased to six.

Despite the fact that Trent Alexander-Arnold turned just 24 last October, he is one of the players included in the voting group, but Robertson says this should not be surprising.

“Hando, Millie, Virg, me, Eli, Trent, that’s it,” Robertson said.

“We had four. We had Hendo, Millie, Jeanie and Virg, and then Jeanie left, and the attendant called three more, and the whole team voted, and we were the three who voted.

“Trent is obviously still young, but he’s also a leader in every way. Every young guy who comes to train with us looks at Trent and thinks: “I want to follow his career path.”

“Everyone at the youth academy is looking at Trent. He’s the poster boy of the academy.

“He sets the standards. The way he goes about his business, the way he plays, his attitude, his mentality.

“If I’m a young guy and I’m going through the academy, he’s the perfect person to look at. The way he behaves off the field. I think a lot of guys are looking at it.”

Klopp consults with the leadership group when making a number of decisions, and Robertson uses last year’s end-of-season parade as an example.

“The parade was last season,” he said.

“The manager took a group of leaders and said: “I think we should have a parade, don’t you think?” and we all agreed.

“We all have different ways of leadership. Hendo can carry the team, Hendo can take care of everyone, it’s always been that way. Millie can demand standards, Millie can give you a rocket if you need a rocket in a good way.

“Virgil always commands from behind, he can talk. I can help the guys, I can help the young players.

“Trent may be a little new to this.”

One player who is not in the group is Mohamed Salah, but Robertson says the Egyptian does not need to be included for his leadership qualities to affect the rest of the team.

“The MOD has the right to vote in any case,” he added.

“Mo is the leader of his country. That’s the advantage, we have so many captains.

“When Sadio was here, he was also a captain. You have international captains. Mo is one of the biggest leaders in our locker room, not part of the leadership group.

“He helps us all. He sets the standards by being one of the best players in the world.”


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