Hot K-Drama Locations You’ll Want To Visit


Doramas show us incredible scenarios and you can visit some of them. When you become a fan of Korean dramas, you begin to identify certain scenarios that are repeated with certain frequency in the stories, therefore, some locations that were used in these productions can become very attractive.

K-Dramas show us just a glimpse of the sites that can be seen in South Korea, but visiting them will give you a new perspective.

The best of all is that there are spaces for any plan you prefer, if you are looking to know the ancient history of Korea, the locations of historical dramas will be ideal, but if you relax outdoors you will also find the ideal place.

Here we tell you about some places in South Korea that were locations for filming some K-Dramas and that you can easily know if you visit this country.

A group of palaces found in Seoul, due to its location, this location allows us to clearly observe the contrast between the modernity of the city and the ancient culture of South Korea. An iconic drama that was filmed here is Jewel in the Palace.


The viewpoint of the Namsan Tower will offer you an incredible view of the city, but it is also a romantic setting due to the large number of locks that represent love. You surely remember this place after seeing it in K-Dramas like Hwayugi and The Legend Of The Blue Sea.



The Han River is a scenario that is present in many K-Dramas, you probably remember some characters taking a walk in the park, enjoying a picnic or riding a bike, some of the K-Dramas that show us scenes filmed here are The King: Ethernal Monarch and Who Are You School 2015.

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Do you remember the place where the ending of Love Alarm happens? Those scenes were shot at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, a great place to go for a walk and take lots of amazing photos. This was also the site where the red carpet was filmed for the K-Drama My Love From The Stars.



It is a small village that you can visit to enjoy a colorful scene full of spots to take incredible photos. We saw this site in the Secret Garden K-Drama, remember?



This Korean village houses a large number of settings that will make you feel part of a historical drama, you will find all kinds of houses from the ancient times and also, there are many activities that you can enjoy while learning about the history of South Korea.


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