Hot Bella Hadid on Instagram: she chooses a total leather look! (PHOTO)


Bella Hadid just posted a very sexy snapshot on Instagram! Internet users loved its total black look and they let it be known!

Warm ahead! Bella Hadid just posted an ultra sexy photo of her on Instagram … And for good reason, the young woman is in total leather look!

The temperature has just gone up a notch on Instagram! The reason ? Bella Hadid posted a very sexy snapshot of her on Monday January 13th. Indeed, in the photo, Bella is wearing a leather jumpsuit … And very indented at the chest!

Internet users therefore loved this post! In fact, in just a few hours, the publication has already accumulated more than 300,000 likes! Internet users also got involved in the comments! We let you see the publication in question below!

Internet users have not been stingy with compliments in the comments! Indeed, fans of Bella Hadid all met in the comments! So we shared a few with you! “But you’re hot in this jumpsuit!” Black looks great on you Bella! “Or,” I love this photo! You really are too beautiful … But it’s The Weeknd who will love it! »Can we read on the social network! Messages that will make Bella Hadid very happy!

Bella is at the height of happiness these days! And for good reason, the young woman spins perfect love with the singer The Weeknd! A source close to the couple even provided additional details to E !. “They are really in love and happy with each other. (…) They live in a better place now. But try to keep it a secret. Bella and The Weeknd don’t want to be exposed anymore… So they’re very, very careful. So let’s hope Bella Hadid and The Weeknd find their balance!


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