Hostile Minecraft mobs should Interact more often


Minecraft is an ever—expanding game with frequent updates and new mods that can radically change the approach of players to even the simplest tasks. From the many blocks available to the breathtaking views of the procedurally generated world, the game has a variety of things that players can do and places that people can explore. However, one aspect of Minecraft that animates the world is the multitude of mobs, both passive and hostile, which are especially useful for progress and complicate the overall goals that players face.

Hostile mobs in Minecraft are quite complicated, although most of them have only one thing in mind: to kill the player by any means possible. Zombies, skeletons, creepers, spiders and other creatures have their own unique way of attacking and moving around the world, which makes them unpredictable for beginners and inconveniences more experienced players. However, in general, there is no interaction between these mobs, which reduces their complexity and makes collisions with them obsolete.

Current interactions with hostile mobs

Currently, there are certain interactions between mobs in Minecraft, which include attacking, scaring, and even riding. The most common interaction is when a skeleton or zombie is accidentally hit by another mob, which causes two hostile mobs to attack each other, which makes it a little easier for players to manage groups of mobs. Another common interaction occurs when a wolf sees a skeleton, as it immediately attacks and tries to kill the skeleton, making them the best companions for players exploring the world.

In addition, there are several other interactions, including skeletons riding spiders, small zombies riding chickens, and even small zombies riding other zombies. Some hostile mobs, such as Desiccant and Guardian, are also hostile to all living creatures and will attack any mob they encounter. While all these interactions give mobs some personality, there are still certain mobs, such as Enderman, that don’t interact with other mobs, which opens up the possibility of including this in a future update.

Which mobs should interact with each other

One interaction that should be added to the game is that witches should be able to add potion buffs to other hostile mobs. For example, if the player encounters a witch and a zombie, the witch must throw a power potion at the zombies, which will make the fight against witches a little more difficult and dangerous. Zombies should also have a mob that either attacks them directly, like wolves do with skeletons, or scares them away like cats and creepers, as this will give players more incentive to keep these types of mobs in their base.

One of the most difficult mobs in the game are looters who will systematically attack nearby villages and wandering players. Robbers should be able to force other mobs to fight for them, including witches and creepers, which makes raids more difficult and useful. Finally, zombie residents should always be paired with regular zombies, which means that when the player finds a zombie resident, the regular zombies aren’t far behind, which makes it a little more realistic.

Interaction between mobs should be widespread in Minecraft, as it not only gives these mobs more personality, but also encourages the player to use these interactions to their advantage. Many hostile mobs have their own uses, but giving them certain interactions can make the game more interesting for players, and these interactions can also inspire many automated farms. Mobs are the heartbeat of any Minecraft world, and giving them more complex interactions will go a long way to making Minecraft even more alive than it is now.

Minecraft is already available for mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.


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