Horror Classic The Thing Will Be Re-Filmed 38 Years Later


The Thing, which managed to be among the horror classics with the thriller it presents to the audience, will be on the big screen again 38 years later under the direction of John Carpenter. However, for now, there is no information about the film other than what is being worked on.

Written by Bill Lancaster and directed by John Carpenter, 1982’s The Thing was a science-fiction horror movie centered around an extraterrestrial life form that could mimic other organisms.

Speaking at a panel for the Fantasia International Film Festival last Saturday, director Carpenter announced that they are meeting with Blumhouse for a new movie The Thing and the film is in preliminary work.

A scene by Kurt Russell in the movie The Thing

There is almost no information about the movie for now. It is not even known whether the new film will be an origin story that takes place before the original movie, a sequel that takes place afterwards, or a remake.

The famous US science fiction writer John W. Campbell Jr.’s Who Goes There? The story, adapted from the book, was first adapted to the big screen in 1951 as The Thing from Another World, but the film did not achieve the desired success at the box office.

The Thing movie poster

The Thing, directed by John Carpenter and released in 1982, is considered to be the best production on the story, and the thriller that the film offers to the audience has made it among the horror classics.

We do not yet have information such as when the new movie The Thing will be released, who will take the lead role, what kind of story it will have. However, considering the rise of the horror genre in recent years, we can guess that Blumhouse would not want to miss this rise.


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