Horror and thriller dramas to enjoy Halloween


If you want to prepare for the Haloween and Día de Muertos season, we recommend including some horror dramas in your plans for each day.

With the arrival of October, we also get the thrill of celebrating with lots of fun and costumes. Halloween is just a few weeks away, but if you want to be in the mood for this horror celebration, it is best to enjoy some series that go according to the time of year.

That is why it is best to include some Korean dramas and those from other parts of Asia with mystery and horror stories, that way we will accompany the characters in different adventures with ghosts and supernatural experiences in each chapter.

Best of all, you will be able to see on screen all the actors who have already captivated your heart.



This Korean drama tells the story of a group of people who come together due to a case of exorcism. Fate crosses its paths to discover what is the mystery behind a spirit that tries to possess humans.

Starring: Yun Woo Jin and Jung Yoo Mi

Hand: The Guest

This OCN drama presents us with a very peculiar team, a priest, a detective and a psychic join forces to end the crimes carried out by spirits and supernatural forces.

Starring: Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook, and Jung Eun Chae

Master’s Sun

If you want to get in the Halloween mood without getting a terrible scare, this is the ideal Korean drama for you. It is a romantic comedy where we meet Gong Shil, a girl who has had a difficult life due to the ghosts that haunt her, one day she meets Joong Won and discovers that being by her side, all the spirits around her disappear.

Starring: So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin

Save me

This Korean drama has two seasons that will catch you. It leads us to know the disaster that is caused when a supposed religious group begins to gain strength in the lives of the inhabitants, who will be involved in different entanglements and unpleasant situations.

Stars: Taecyeon, Woo Do Hwan, Lee David, and Ha Hoe Jung (season 1). Esom, Uhm Tae Goo, Chun Ho Jin, and Kim Young Min (season 2).

Lovely Horribly

This series introduces us to two people who were born at the same time and who fate reunites years later. They share a very special connection, as even their mood is related. She is a writer and screenwriter, but begins to fear because everything she writes seems to come true.

Starring: Song Ji Hyo and Park Shi Hoo

Quien eres

Sin Ohn is a detective who was in a coma after having an accident where her boyfriend died. Some time later she returns to her job and discovers that while trying to solve crimes, she can also see ghosts and one of them is the spirit of her ex-boyfriend.

Starring: Taecyeon, So Yi Hyun, and Kim Jae Wook

Re: Mind 2017

It is a Japanese series where a group of girls wake up sitting in a dining room with a banquet waiting for them while their feet are immobilized. They do not know how they got there or the reason why they were reunited, but they will try to find out in order to save themselves.

Starring: The Hinatazaka46 group

The Ghost Detective

Two private investigators meet to uncover mysteries where ghosts and spirits are involved. However, one of them dies in the process and will now try to collaborate with the case while he is a ghost.

Starring: Choi Daniel and Park Eun Bin

Zombie detective

Kim Moo Young is a man who died but has risen as a zombie, ignorance of his past does not allow him to have peace of mind, so after some time wandering in the world of the living, he decides to start a search to find answers.

Starring: Choi Jin Hyuk and Park Joo Hyun

The Child Who Wouldn’t Come

It has only two episodes since it is part of Strange School Tale, it tells us the story of a teacher named Soo Ah. She is still a practitioner, but becomes curious about the students she teaches, especially Young Suk, a distant boy who never possesses suspicious energy.

Starring: Kim So Hye and Lee Gyu Hyun

Cheo yong

It introduces us to two people and a ghost who will take on the task of solving crimes with a supernatural touch. This drama has a dark aura characteristic of the OCN series, do you dare to see it?

Starring: Oh Ji Ho, Oh Ji Eun, and Jun Hyo Sung


This historical drama allows us to know the story of a strange disease that affected ancient Korea, the crown prince will try to stay safe while discovering the origin of the disease that affects his people.

Starring: Joo Ji Hoon, Bae Do Na, and Ryu Seung Ryong

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