Horoscopes for the weekend, the stars predict your future


The month is almost over and June and summer will come hand in hand to set your emotions afloat. The pandemic is still ongoing and social isolation has spread, you must learn to be patient and change your life to renew your spirit and surround yourself with positive energy.

Discover what your weekend horoscope has prepared for you, follow the advice of the stars and trust the predictions of your zodiac sign, say goodbye to May in the best way


You will have a lot of pressure, which will affect your bad mood, but you must learn to control yourself. Stop holding on to things that don’t do you good, don’t become toxic. Stop being so stubborn, people just want to help you.


The stress of will affect the weekend, but that happens to you by leaving things at the last moment, try to change that. Stop being such a perfectionist, things should not always go well for you. With your crush things are over, it is better to accept than to force feelings that do not exist.


Positive energy will be your strength these days, take advantage. If you go through difficulties this weekend, just remember that you are a strong person, obstacles will not hurt you. Do not get carried away by gossip or hide things, the truth is always known.


This weekend you will be very reflective about your way of being, you will try to take a new attitude. Trust your family more, if you feel bad, get off with them. The past could follow you these days, be careful and don’t fall again. You will be very attached to your pet.


It will be a good weekend for you, you will do useful things and you will enjoy your free time. About those toxic relationships, try to close circles that don’t lead to anything good. Things with your crush will get better. Avoid arguing with others.


You will have a lot of work, be it home office or your online classes, do not let stress put you in a bad mood. You will be more in love than ever and you will take things up with that special boy. Avoid friction with your family or you will ruin the weekend.


There will be changes in your life from this weekend, try to be positive. Don’t listen to gossip and avoid falling for people’s provocations. You will be a little discouraged, but you have to face the reality that things are not always what you want.


Stress will be your companion these days, you should also think twice before acting if you do not want consequences afterwards. Things with your crush will continue just as well, try to keep that rhythm. About those friendships you miss, it’s better to say goodbye if they no longer value you.


The positive energies will accompany you in these days, try to take advantage of them to do what you long for. Stop treating people badly, you don’t want them to do the same to you. The closure will affect your mood a bit, but try to distract yourself. With your crush, you must begin to set rules about respect, learn to value yourself.


There will be days when you will have a lot of time to reflect on the things you have done wrong, try to forgive yourself and put in order what you want and feel. Don’t be impulsive and try to control your character. In love, there will be someone who will look for you, learn to forgive and no longer criticize others.


Your spirits will be through the roof and you may receive good ones. If someone has a hard time these days, don’t hesitate to help them, your words are always powerful. In love, you should pay more attention to your crush or be more communicative with your partner.


You will have to close cycles these days, try to give a new beginning to your life. You will have conflicts with someone, it is best that you speak things before there are misunderstandings. Even if you are tired of the confinement, trust that once things calm down you will be able to carry out all those plans that you want.


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