Horoscope from February 17 to 21,The stars predict your destiny


Find out how you are doing this week.

New week, new predictions . It’s Monday and the tips of your weekly horoscope are here. Be careful of the decisions you make and know the fate that your zodiac sign holds for you .

These days you will be very thoughtful about certain events in your life. In your love life, you may meet a new guy, give yourself a chance and something nice could come up. Stay away from gossip.

This week will be a bit heavy for you, but try to be patient. Friends of the past will look for you again, it will be a good opportunity to catch up on life. Avoid the envy of people.

This week will be perfect for you, your crush will want to recover your love, but you will have to be careful to fall back into meaningless discussions. Self-confidence will be your best weapon these days.

You will have a lot of work at school or work, you just have to work hard. Your love situation will cause confusion, between an ex-partner and maintain your singleness, you must make the best decision for yourself.

You have to decide on what torments you. Someone of your friends will need your support, don’t leave him alone. Maybe that guy you like so much might be interested in you. It will be a week of good vibes.

These days you must renew your life, whether in matters of friendship, love, school or work. Changes are always good. Take advantage of your good run to make projects or make decisions and that everything goes well for you.

You have to focus on the earrings you have this day, do not leave everything at the last minute. The bad run that lowers your mood can be faced by strengthening your confidence and self-esteem, remember that you are worth a lot.

This week you could face some conflicts in your personal life, try to be positive to get ahead of this bad streak. Don’t hold grudges, that only causes you problems. The bad experience with your crush is a reason for you not to return with that person.

This week could be decisive, think well what you want in your life and with that person. Be careful with the trust you have in people, you could get a big disappointment. If a friend is confusing things, you must be honest with him.

You have to stop thinking that everything is wrong, don’t be negative. If you’re really interested in that guy, take this week to show that you really want him. Think twice before doing things.

Do not let your feelings win, think things better and say what is best for you during these days. Your crush could influence you negatively, don’t forget to be yourself.

Be careful with your things, not everyone is discreet with what you tell them. You have to be patient or things will not work out the way you want. On the love plane, maybe you will finally meet that person who has been waiting for tango, just be careful.


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