Horoscope, Discover Your Predictions From February 3 TO 7


Discover how you will be in this new month.

February has already begun, discover if you will do well in the first week of the month with the weekly horoscopes , the stars predict your future and have the best tips and predictions for your zodiac sign.

Do not fear changes, you have to leave your comfort zone. Sipasa spor a bad run due to your crush, trust that you will overcome it, he was not for you. Don’t trust social media links so much, it’s better to meet someone at your school or work.

If you are having two people crush, it is better to be honest and not hurt others. If there is something that bothers you but you don’t want to tell that person, it’s better to be honest and not go through situations that don’t make you happy, if you don’t want that friendship anymore, say next.

You have to be at peace with yourself in order to have a good week. Don’t let gossip or provocations make you angry and avoid those people who just seek to harm you. If you no longer feel the same with your crush, it’s better to say goodbye.

This week will be a little charged, do not leave everything to the last. If you are going to end up with your boyfriend or you don’t want anything with your crush anymore, be honest and don’t hold grudges. This week you will smile a lot, that will attract positive energies.

Take advantage of these days to fix those problems you have with people. Be careful to be very intense with your crush, you must be more confident and not overdo jealousy. Don’t listen to people’s comments, trust you and don’t let criticism affect you.

It will be a week of much stress. If someone else catches your attention, analyze if your current relationship makes you happy. Avoid discussions with your family or friends, it is better to talk without shouting and without causing problems.

The bad streak will be left behind these days, don’t pay attention to gossip and unimportant things, you only generate bad times. Things with your crush will improve.

Think well if you are ready to begin a courtship, many times we get confused and we are not ready for a relationship. If they do something to you, don’t take it badly, don’t be spiteful, but if something bothers you, tell them to respect you. Avoid telling your personal things to everyone.

Jealousy will attack you this week, try to avoid them. These days you should focus on school, you can go out with your friends later. If that person stopped talking to you about a problem, it’s time to clear things up, don’t let the cancer take away your friendships.

It will be your best week. Stop being so kind, sometimes they abuse you and it’s not good. If things with your crush are pure discussions it is better to assess whether it is worthwhile to stay there.

People will criticize your way of being, but ignore those comments. Try to be cautious, both with your belongings and your personal belongings. If an ex-boy is looking for you, consider if you want to see him again.

You will feel pressured by school or work. Do not go out so much, it is better that you make your earrings and have a free weekend. Things with your crush will remain the same, but let everything flow.


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